Judy Carneiro

Judy and Mike are unprofessional realtors

I am a real estate agent and have bought and sold hundreds of properties in my 25 years of experience. This work is not easy, but you find your way out. However, working with Judy Carneiro and Mike was very disappointing.

They only wanted to close the deal as soon as possible to grab the commission from the property while acting as a seller to me. Because of their irresponsible and unethical moves, I got irritated at every move and they kept drawing my anger to saturation.

They circulated a mail referring me as ‘Voddo’, what seemed funny to them, was outrageous for me. They copied that to me by mistake and that is when I know that they were not serious. They even tried to collect $25000 in two months, on my behalf from my client.

They tried to make me sign off for contingencies before I got the loan approval. I asked them to relay message to the client for escrow extension, which they did not do either. In between the process, they lied me about the late fee which I never incurred. On the contrary, the deal was going too fast than it should have, as they wanted to make money at the earliest. They ignored important assessments, considerations and approved things without my consent.

The list does not stop here. They did all the wrong things which was accountable in one or the other case. They did not bother to repair the damages and asked me to write a bogus receipt for repairs done by me.

They provided the keys to my unit without my knowledge and way before the inspection and other formalities were completed. They claimed that the buyer did not have enough money to go through the processes that were important. How justified does that sound?

When I asked to use my escrow account, they started threatening me and wanted to scare me. This did not help. So, they went one step ahead and started flooding my mail account with unreasonable charges and filthy comments. They made me sulk for the deal that was mine.

It was a mistake to ask them for assistance. I was good myself. This made my deal the worst one. If I would have to take back one thing from life, I would take this deal off. My client’s reputation was put to a trial which was unacceptable.

Lastly, I had to terminate my deal with them. I want you guys to warn about these two mockers, Jude and Mike. They are the weirdest and scariest of their kind. If you ask for my suggestion, I would never take my words back for calling them scammers.

Their company is filled with unprofessional and unethical jerks who have no passion for their work. The only thing that motivates them is money and they can go any far to get their as well as yours share of profit. Hence, beware of these bastards.


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