Jay Hinrichs

Jay L Hinrichsis rude and a guy with lot of pride

I contacted Jay Hinrichs for some information on my real estate matters. I am an agent and was looking for an assistance as I had started fresh. I came to know about Jay Hinrichs from one of the websites that talked about his great acumen and experience in the field of Real Estate. I was impressed by Jay L. Hinrichs profile and before calling him, I gave his book a try.

There were talks about his book ‘A perfect storm’ in various forum and after reading the book, I did not get anything extraordinary. I was disappointed after reading that. I was expecting a lot of knowledge from the book, but it was plain. The answers that I was looking for, was not there and somehow, I thought of meeting Jay.

Before that, I called Jay Hinrichs for guidance and then scheduling the meeting with him. I called his office three times, but couldn’t reach him. After a week, I got a call back from him as I had left a voice message. He called back. I told him about my business and asked if he could take out some time to discuss things with me related to my business.

After listening, he made fun of me being naïve and immature. He also suggested that I should look for other options as my business was not doing good at all. He denied meeting me as it would have not made any difference to his business. I thought of him as a gentleman, but after my first call, I was very dissatisfied.

Before hanging up, when he has talked a lot about his success and the way he made it big, he suggested few things. I should say, he was trying to show off his capabilities and wealth that he has gathered in all these years.

What he suggested were few real estate tricks that every scammer knows. Actually, those tricks were not for someone who is looking to start a clean business and make money with genuine effort and hard work.

I did not say much. After disconnecting the call, I checked more about him on internet and found his great portfolio in front of my laptop screen. I was amazed at how these advertising works. It can turn any arrogant person into such a gentleman that people start looking upto him.

Before I called him, I had already made an image of him in my head. He broke that image and created a new one which is scary. I will never call back again, and I am thankful that I did not discuss few deals that I was going to close. I am sure he would have asked for those details as well. I think, he is more of a profit-making machine, either ways.

I would never recommend his services and suggestions to anyone. I can do better without Jay Hinrichs. He is not at all a good guy which he pretends to be.


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6 reviews

  1. Jay Hinrichs Review

    Jay is a cheater. He mentored me and I lost everything. My friends too were in touch with him but no one was satisfied with his work and suggestions.

    It is better you find someone else. He is not the guy you would like to sit next to. BEWARE.

  2. this is Jay here.. who are you people anyway.. what BS.

    get a life people ..

  3. get a life people

    this is too funny written by 2 year olds.. get a life people.

  4. Scumbag

    His company purchased a building from us. Did not pay electric bill going forward from time of transfer. Tried to make it easy for them by not turning off electric. SCUMBAG.


    Purchased property from us. Did not pay electric bill. Electric not turned off to ease transition. Even mailed bills to him. SCUMBAG.

  6. I have known and worked with Jay for over 10 years. These claims are much ado about nothing. I have done many, many deals with Jay or his companies, and all of them have been fair and reasonable. Not one time did I experience anything but an experienced, seasoned vet, getting down to business, which was fair and amicable on both sides.

    All I can say is that these claims sound very petty and amount to nothing. Anybody that wants to succeed in this business cannot spend time on petty BS. Not worth it, and Jay is a grest guy.

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