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BAD Experience!

I couldn’t be more displeased with my experience with Irene today. I went to an open house that she was hosting, but couldn’t even get in the front door when I arrived.

It was locked, and I suppose we were meant to figure out that she intended us to use the back entrance, even though she had a sign with an arrow on it out front, pointing right at the front door. Bizarre, but not a show stopper.

When I entered the house and began to look for the realtor, a woman stepped between me and the next room and barked “You have to sign in first.”

She did this all without ever looking up from her cell phone. Now, I’m used to signing in at open houses, but not only did she give no indication where the sign in sheet was, she acted like I had done something wrong.

Once I was finally allowed to see the house, she told (not asked, told) everyone that they needed to wait in the front room together to see the next floor.

I waited around for about fifteen minutes waiting for others to finish on the first floor.

New folks were arriving and apparently just got the finger, because Irene locked up the first floor, shuffled everyone outside, and then took us upstairs to view the next apartment.

This apartment was occupied, and we had the strangest experience tip toeing around the house, peeking behind doors to find folks in bed, staring back at us.

Beyond rude. I was one amongst a large group of people that were leaving in disgust without even getting to see the entire house.

Irene just didn’t want to deal with anyone or give her potential clients the time of day. I don’t think I ever got to see her eyes – they were glued to her cell phone the entire time.

Stay away.

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