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Lack Of Information

My sister was recently in town searching for an apartment rental. She’s moving to Boston from Western NY.

She set up an appointment with a realtor at Jack Conway, and was given a harried tour of a one bedroom in Southie.

While we were at the apartment (15 minutes), the realtor took three calls, and ran out of the apartment to move her car. She clearly didn’t have time to show us the place.

Now, given that this person would’ve been paid $1400 by my sister to rent the place, I would think she could’ve given us 15 uninterrupted minutes of her time to show us the apartment, answer questions, and explain the rental process.

She gave my sister an application and said to fill it out if she was interested (she was).

We had also visited another apartment, not via this realtor, and were told to fill out an application, as well, if interested.

Throughout this process, we’ve discovered that all application processes are totally different!

The next day, this realtor called back and said the landlord would like to meet my sister, so we set up an appointment to meet with her; there still was no guarantee that my sister had secured the apartment.

When we arrived, a different realtor was there (her name is Kristin), and while we were waiting, my sister asked Kristin if any other apartments had come on the market.

Kristin then informed her that if she was still looking, she shouldn’t have agreed to meet the landlord, and that she was expected to sign a lease that day.

NONE OF THIS WAS EXPLAINED. Perhaps it’s intuitive if you are a realtor, but it is NOT necessarily assumed knowledge if you are new to Boston’s rental market.

A realtor’s JOB is to explain these processes, not just collect checks for rushed apartment showings.

To me, “meeting the landlord” would indicate that the landlord would like to meet potential renters to ensure they’re not crazy people. “Meeting the landlord” and “signing a lease” are two different things. What if the landlord didn’t like her?

Kristin basically then threw us out of the office. I have never been treated so rudely by a person.My poor sister was nearly in tears.

Clearly, they don’t care about their customers, not even affording common courtesy.

She accepted no responsibility whatsoever for any misunderstanding or lack of information.

I was absolutely disgusted with her treatment of my sister, my mother, and myself, who were all in the office during the “meeting with the landlord.”

I would NOT recommend this realty company, especially Kristin. Go elsewhere.

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