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We all take a new property after searching a lot of information. We take assistance of property dealers and agents for proper selection of a house of our choice. It is the responsibility of the property sites and the people associated with them to provide adequate details of the house. A client should not face inconvenience while dealing in the matters of the properties is the lookout of property sites.

Recently, I was saved from buying a completely improper house. Few months back, I searched for a new house to be purchased on this site. I got the information of one house. The site gave information that it was a flat of 5 bedrooms, a hall and kitchen. The site showed many facilities in the house.

The site showed that there are 2 bathrooms in the house. I was given the information that house has adequate ventilation. The paint work of the house was beautifully shown in the pictures of the site. The house seemed to be perfect when I saw the pictures of the flat and read about it.

I thought to make a visit to this flat before purchasing it. I went with one of my friends to have a look at the flat. When I saw it, I was surprised to see the total different face of flat. As per the information given on the site, it was 5 bedroom, a hall, kitchen and 2 bathrooms. But, it was actually 3 bedroom, a hall, kitchen and 1 bathroom.

When I further inspected about the house, I saw the cracks and broken ceilings of the house. There was also a severe water leakage problem in the house. The house was not painted from last many years. The bathroom was in a poor condition.

I came to know that some years back, a fire accident occurred on the floor above that flat. The fire destroyed the ceilings and walls of the house very badly. There has never been any repairing done in this house after the accident. Even the windows didn’t have proper glasses on them.

The site also showed that there is proper furniture in the house. I got the information that the house has nice carpet, curtains and proper disposal for garbage. When I saw the flat actually, there was neither carpet nor any curtains. There was no place where we can throw our garbage and waste materials.

These property sites wrongly show all the details of properties. They manipulate the things and publish all fake details of the flats. The property dealers put bogus pictures of facilities in the house. If the clients don’t inspect properly about the flats, they get cheated even after paying a huge sum of money.

These sites also give the wrong information of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a flat. If any client purchases such property, he/she will have to spend a lot for the repairs of the house and paint work. I inspected thoroughly before entering into an agreement to purchase this house. Don’t depend on such property sites!!! They give bogus and fake information.

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  1. Wrongly Target on HUBZU

    It’s the reputed website you are allrgating. You should check if the listing has been submitted by the
    HUBZU staff or by their user, you can’t just throw allegations likes this

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