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Homevest does not know the basics of the job

Homevest Realty promises to take complete responsibilities of the piece of land that you have. So, I being a normal person, laid some trust and lots of money to the firm. In return; all I expected them, was to take care of the property nicely and of course as a proprietor, I expected them to not hide any issues from me, about the property.

Homevest Realty seemed nice in our initial interactions. I had a townhouse for which all these precautions were taken into considerations. There was a person named Joanne Bracero who was paid. In return, I asked him to get me someone for leasing my house to and getting a background check of that “someone”, to whom he leases the property.

Though, this looked as two different works, they could have been summarized as one work i.e. Leasing a property to someone who is a nice person. This is how I saw it. Anyways, the point here being that this person Joanne, did not do his work properly.

In specific, he did not get a background check of the person to whom he leased the property to. It turned out that, same person had some past criminal records. Not only did he had criminal records, but he was arrested just one year before he leased my townhouse. All this was out of my knowledge, unless there happened to be an incident which involved our very own tenant and a police officer.

There was other guy named Justin LaManna. The so called “broker” to Joanne Bracero. When I got to know about the characteristics of past records my tenant possessed, I tried having a conversation with Joanne and Justin.

This J&J, refused to talk with me further on this matter saying that it did “cost them minutes”; they wouldn’t like to spend. For evidence, if any person wishes to check on me; all he can do is: Go to the website of Orange County Clerk of Court and click on criminal activities. When I used the same evidence to interact with Joanne on this matter, he came up with another excuse, telling me how that website lags a report of the incident.

My point being, before signing the contract at Homevest, I was assured that nothing of this sort will ever happen. Now this incident shows carelessness of the agent named, Joanne and in addition to that, it shows careless attitude of Homevest towards its clients.

Frankly speaking, if this is what you call customer service, then I am afraid I have had different definitions of customer service in my mind. Also, this indicates how bad they are in adhering to their own contract. And in business a person should be a man of his words, or else he is not eligible to do business.

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  1. Homevest Realty is worst realtor comapny

    Don’t ignore all of the bad reviews of this company! They will take your money any way that they can!

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