does not work and its promises are fake

I have recently started as a real estate agent and do not have much experience. I would not try to hide the mistake I did, I should have researched well before investing in I was at fault for believing them. But what they did was unethical and illegal.

The company promises big returns and great leads and gets you to pay the unnecessary charges without getting anything out of it. What is more daunting is the way they treat their customer.

I spoke to an agent before joining He told me that they offer great leads and are well experienced in finding them. He lured me into signing their contract. He told me that they have been working for the same from a long time and would assist me with everything. The man on the line also promised that they guarantee the success of the leads.

After talking to him, I paid to become a member on their site. It has been six months and I am still struggling to get the leads. I have already spent more than $300 and they are trying to buzz me off whenever I try to question them.

After I paid for their services, I waited for some time for fresh leads and they told me that they would be providing leads from high priced areas. So, it would take some time. I waited and they kept me giving excuses.

I was waiting for the peak season that is between March-May and though maybe they would be able to do something about the leads then. But, I was completely wrong. They never tried to even assist me with the leads. They never had the intention to do anything of that sort.

They provided me several leads during this period but none of them worked. They were dead ends and incorrect details. Either the phone number was incorrect or it was not working at all. All my mails started bouncing back. Not even the emails that were provided, worked.

I was frustrated and asked them about the issue. When I asked to terminate the six months’ contract, they started giving me excuses. Since then, I have spoken to other leads provider and they do not guarantee anything close to what gave. told me that they do not guarantee anything which they promised when I was just a lead for them. They will try to lure you at first. Then will keep giving excuses for why their services are not working. When that will also not work, they will tell you that they are giving you exposure and this is their favourite line. is a scam and many other users have the same issue with them. That clearly proves their fraud.


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  1. Is A Mess to Be avoided

    I have been in the real estate business for 16 years. is a scamm. Do not sign up. You will be throwing your money away.

  2. They lie and promise anything to get sale sales person out and out lied, said I would get real estate leads from the serice I signed up for like Zillow & Realtor. I said I not interested and he said I could try for 30 days and if I didn’t ike it I could cancel…. well I went to cancel, they give yu a hard time, then they say you can but they are charging for 6 months…… and the tech person states they dont do leads they do branding….

  3. Waste of Time and Money!! is indeed a scam. Don’t waste your money or time because you will get nothing in return!


    Seriously, HORRIBLE! I’ve been a Realtor for 15 years and these guys truly take the cake on being a BAD BIZ!

    Won’t return phone calls, keep charging credit card. I did not get one ounce of business from them, only headaches.

  5. Dishonest Scam Company

    This is a scam company. Promise of 48 leads and after 4 months – I have not received one. Isn’t that a breach of contract on their end – use other lead companies. They are dishonest and customer service is the worst!

  6. Ripoff company

    This is a ripoff company. They misrepresent their service, give you bad leads and the listing agent is listed prominently on the ad which they don’t tell you. Then they won’t let you cancel when you tell them they are fraudulent and misrepresented their service.

  7. DON'T DO ANY BUSINESS WITH HOMES.COM. THEY ARE THEFTS TRYING TO STEAL YOUR MONEY. is a fraud, and ripoff company lying to get you to sign up for 6 months. When you don’t get what they promised you, and you cancel within the 1st few weeks, they come up with constant excuses why they cannot. I talked to a “so called” manager, who finally agreed to cancel the BS account, only to receive another invoice and them saying they have no record of agreeing to cancel. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE NOT REPUTABLE OR DO THEY CARE ABOUT PROVIDING SERVICE. THEY ARE IN THE BUSINESS TO STEALING YOUR MONEY.. WITHOUT EARNING IT. I plan on going through every website to alert everyone of their misconduct and lack of professional service.


    Please DONOT DO BUSINESS WITH It is a fraud, and ripoff company lying to get you to sign up for 6 months. Where you don’t get what they promised you, I talked to a manager, who never agreed to cancel. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. IT S BEEN A MONTH AND ALL I GOT IS A REALLY SMALL PICTURES OF MINE ON A CORNER OF A LISTING, THEY PROMISED TO SEND LEADS AND CALLS.THEY ARE NOT REPUTABLE OR DO THEY CARE ABOUT PROVIDING SERVICE. THEY ARE IN THE BUSINESS TO STEALING YOUR MONEY… . I WILL GO to every website to alert every one of their FRAUD ,SCAM COMPANY.

  9. Realtor

    Beawar of
    Do not do business with
    They are fraud and scam the realtors.
    They told me they will provide me leads just like zillow and, But after 2 months I got nothing they said they won’t cancel my account and I have a commitment for 6months, never ever got any leads from this company have filed with Attorney General office
    Everybody needs to do this.
    It s easy to file

  10. If I could give them a zero I would!

    I also signed up for leads. The sales person promised many leads per month. Two months in i had not received 1 single lead. I am paying $339/month! Month 3 I got two crappy leads…one who is broke and wants to purchase a $50,000 house (which does not exist in our city) and one who asked for more info and never responded. I have put in my notice to terminate. I will have paid over $2000 by the time my “contract” is up. DON’T SIGN UP!!!

    I also just went through the agent list for our city and some of the Realtors retired years ago (5+) and some have passed away and obviously are no longer licensed! RUN!!

  11. SCAM

    Scam. I was promised only buyer/seller leads by their sales person Aaron Cassner so I signed up. I was told they provide rental leads FREE as a supplement, “icing on the cake”, to purchasing buyer/seller leads. All they could provide were rental leads. Furthermore, they continued to try and bill me 3 months after I cancelled and sent my account to collections! I’m still dealing with this issue. Stay away!

  12. Unethical and ripoff

    Most unethical people I ever dealt with, their products is nothing close to what they advertise, bunch of BS and lies , so sad companies like them take advantage of agents who works really hard for their money, even after our contract was over , they charged our account and after talking to Alfredo ( manager ) he promised to refund the payment but you guessed it right, that didn’t happened
    Stay away from these people

  13. AWFUL! Scam artists!!

    Awful!! Have only received a couple leads in 3 months that I have been paying them, and all of them were fake or non working numbers. Don’t give your hard earned money to these scammers!!! Run away fast!!

  14. This company makes false claims

    This company is quite frankly the biggest scam I have ever dealt with. They made false promises and I am more than disgusted with them. Thieves!!!!
    Run far and fast!

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