Hammond Residential Real Estate

Dishonest And Unprofessional

This real estate agency does not follow the same code of ethnics that is expected and upheld by the majority of other realtors, particularly KATHY HALLEY. My husband and I sold our condo to her clients.

We put a lot of love into our home and love our neighbors. We wanted to leave it in good hands and really did not want our condo to become a rental unit.

Our place sold quickly after the first showing. We had many offers and 5 letters.

We did not choose the best offer, but chose a couple that wrote a heartfelt letter to us about how they were high school sweethearts who had done long distance, were about to get married, and wanted to make our home their first home.

We picked them because we related to their story. Well guess why?? Most likely because they googled us and read our wedding story.

They concocted a fake story that we could relate to. Their realtor knew the entire time that they were looking for an investment property to RENT and not to live in.

She submitted the letter to our realtor knowing full and well that it was a complete lie and manipulated us.

Imagine our horror when we found out the day of closing when their lawyer let is slip that they were planning on renting the place out the entire time.

Kathy Halley and her clients deceived us and manipulated us. She went to school with the buyer’s parents who apparently like to buy investment property.

There was never a chance that they were going to stay in our home. They continued their deceitful charade until the very end feeding us stories about how excited the buyer as to live there, etc.

My realtor was equally shocked as she was fed stories about how the couple was so excited to living there.

We feel completely duped. KATHY HALLEY came to my house and presented herself as a mother with children.

I doubt she would be very happy if someone lied and took advantage of her children like she did us.

Beware of this real estate agency. Their agents are dishonest and unprofessional.

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