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Nasty Attitudes And Complete Unprofessionalism

Horrendous customer service complete with nasty attitudes and complete unprofessionalism. How they have survived is beyond me. My husband and I moved here from Ohio.

We had no clue how brokers worked in Boston, but we needed an apartment and did not have time to come out to Boston before we moved here so I could go to school.

They sent us pictures of an apartment and they looked okay. So we took it. The broker we worked with was pleasant via email and told us to send in last months rent “when we had a chance”.

So…we did just that. We planned to wait until we actually moved to Boston to give them the security deposit when we received the key.

We had already sent the check for 1st months rent. So a couple of days later she sends me a nasty email asking where the check was.

I told her “um I thought we could give it to you when we actually get our key?” We’ve never met these people I wasn’t keen on sending over $3,000 to Boston without having a key to the apartment.

She responds again very nastily and says well thats not how it works in Boston. Okay. Thats fine, but is it just me or should she have have told me WHEN I ASKED WHEN THEY NEEDED LAST MONTHS CHECK that she needed it ASAP.

So unprofessional and uncalled for. Don’t say that we can send it whenever we want and then change your mind.

So the apartment is not what we are expecting but again we are from Ohio. Where $800/mo gets you a clean, freshly painted two bedroom apartment including utilities.

Parking is not an amenity in Ohio. It’s included. But I’m not bitter. Just saying. Anyhoo the apartment is crappy but comparable to others in the area, so I don’t feel too bad.

So fast forward to June/July of this year. My landlord contacts me asking if we want to renew the lease.

I say no, so she said the brokers will be contacting me about showing the apartment. Fine, whatever.

Then one day as I’m getting out of the shower I hear someone opening my front door. No knock, no nothing! I freak out, grab a towel and run to the door. Its one of the brokers from Great Realty.

She smiles nervously and says “Oh my gosh. Sorry. Is it a bad time?” Really? ReallY?! I’m dripping wet fresh out of the shower and you came into my apartment without knocking and you ask is it a bad time? They don’t know me. I guess they thought I’d grin and bear it.

I calmly said nope its not and shut the door in her face. I promptly called my landlord and told her that they need to call and give me 24 hour notice BEFORE showing up at my apartment O yea. AND they need to knock.

I was so upset with the lack of professionalism that I added another clause, either myself or my husband need to be home when they show the apartment.

I guess that was just asking too much because my landlord got huffy and said that was inconvenient. and that brokers have the right to come show the apartment. She also threatened to speak with her lawyer about it, which I welcomed.

I’m a social worker. I don’t have a lawyer. Let me know what he says, less work for me. So I checked into it. I looked up MA Tenant law online and it says that only the landlord can enter their unit without permission from the tenant. if they have probable cause.

But as far as showing the unit to prospective tenants, it says that And even then only to show the property to prospective tenants.

It also says that the landlord needs to make effort to find a MUTALLY AGREEABLE time to show the unit between themselves and the leasee. So…yea. She checked with her lawyer and he told her I was right.

Back to the brokers. The landlord told them that they need to call me 24 hours in advance. Did Great Places listen? Nope.

I got 3 or 4 phone calls asking me if they could show the unit in a half hour or in an hour etc. And I continued get huffy attitudes from the agents when I said “no.”

It got to the point where I went INTO Great Places to speak with the manager Paul, because I was tired of the agents not listening.

To this day I don’t think its too much to ask for a broker to call in advance when they want to show the apartment. Its mind boggling.

They acted like I was a crazy lady asking for something that wasn’t commonplace. It’s kind of…in the law.

Last point. About 3 weeks ago the manager called my phone telling me that he was “going to be showing the apartment Saturday”.

I call him back and gently remind him that yes I would be home but he needs to “ask” and not just TELL me that he’s coming over.

So I’m home on Saturday waiting for him to show it. The time that he’s supposed to show the unit comes and then passes.

I call him and he tells me that the client didn’t show up. Fine. Understandable. But could you have called to let me know? Why is it so hard for these people to be professional? I don’t know. But please. Do yourselves a favor and SKIP GREAT PLACES.

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