Chiray Amin is a racist and a con artist

I stay in Las Vegas and was moving to Tampa. I am disabled and the movement was necessary because of my health issues. I am also on section 8 of housing. I had never thought that it would become so difficult to find the right home. I am a vet and have practiced in Las Vegas from a long time. The decision for shifting was because of my helplessness and was not voluntary.

To start, I made a call to the Tampa’s section 8 office. I told them about my movement and asked them if they can refer me to any realtor. They greeted me and welcomed me for arriving there. And gave me the contact details to contact gosection8.com. I registered myself there and was waiting for the lead.

A week later, a Chinese family contacted me. They were nice and assured me that their place is great for families who are looking to stay on rent. They sounded genuine. At least for the first time when we spoke.

They asked me to transfer $500 as the security fee. They also assured me that the place was cheap and as I am disabled, would be profitable for me to shift. They gave me all kind of luring and baits to fall for their scam. I was in hurry and was not able to travel every time to check the property. So, I thought that finalizing a cheap house would be a better option.

So, I transferred the amount. After that I did not heard from them for next few days. I had to shift soon and I kept calling them once in a week. This happened for two weeks and then I received a text from them stating that they won’t entertaining any calls and that I should message them for any kind of query.

I was getting impatient. I had paid the security deposit and it was necessary for me to know the details of the property. Hence, I texted them my concern. I told them that I stayed 3000 miles away and texting will not give me the right information to access my decision.

They called me an American Pig and asked me to f**k myself. They did not return my money and cursed me for being an American. They are racist and are scammers. They never intended to rent their house and that is why they stopped receiving my calls, once I paid the deposit.

These are con artist and have listed their property to fraud people. The name of that person was Chiray Amin and this information should serve as a warning for all the disabled vet and person who are planning to move to Florida.

Beware of Chiray Amin. He would show no mercy on your condition and won’t leave any opportunity to scam you.

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