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Genesis Commercial Capital Provide Worst service

I wanted to take a machinery for my commercial use. I entered into a lease agreement for purchasing the heavy machinery on lease period with Genesis Commercial Capital LLC. I thought that it would be a good option to hire a machinery on lease from this company by their impressive talks. They behaved so decently at the start of the agreement that I was completely convinced.

The company explained me all the terms and conditions of the lease, the period of lease, the amount of machinery and other details of the agreement. They me a proper information which I thought was right. But later on, I was disappointed with some of the facts which were not revealed at the time of signing agreement.

I was in urgent need of machinery for my the purpose of my business. They took undue advantage of my situation and took extra payments from me for the machinery. I found this option very expensive to purchase the machinery but then it was urgent too.

I made an agreement of purchasing a machinery for a period of 3 years on lease. I made regular payments to the company every month without fail. As I was about to give my last payment of machinery, the company gave us a fake notice. The notice stated that I have not informed the company about the non renewal of lease. They held me responsible for not giving the details. The lease was automatically renewed.

Following to the renewal of lease, I was told to pay an extra amount for the same machinery I was paying the rents from last 2 and a half years. Then the company increased the market value of the machinery by a huge amount. I was made to pay the all the charges for a machinery.

Genesis Commercial Capital LLC company is a real example of fake lease companies. They use all the false techniques to impress you with the talking styles. The persons are so talented in good behavior and fake languages that anyone will be convinced to enter into an agreement.

Even this company well misled us in legal terms and conditions. I completely believed that this is the genuine company for lease at the first meeting which I had with them. Later on, when they took extra and unwanted charges for the same machinery for which I paid earlier too, I was shocked at their way of working.

At the time of agreement, the company does not disclose all the terms and conditions. Afterwards, this factor proved dangerous to the clients. The innocent clients don’t know the wicked intentions of the company and they are forced to pay unwanted expenses. But then again, it is our need for acquiring the equipments and machinery for which we become ready to pay any amount.

I was helpless and had no alternative left with me but to agree with the company’s demand. I pay the lease, additional amount and also the market value for one machinery. The company took benefit of my situation and cheated on me.

Genesis Commercial Leasing company is a biggest scam making company in name of lease. Beware from such fraudulent companies as they make your situation even worse.

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