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Frances Bowles Unlawful entry she is a real estate fraud

Can you ever imagine the owner of the house in which you stay for rent can be a person of criminal history? Frances Bowles is such a lady who has cheated every person who have come to stay in her property for rent. She is 50 years of age. Frances Bowles stays at Oakville Ontario. She has a property which she gives for rent. The property is at 3308 Skipton Lane in Oakville. Frances Bowles carries out the work through a real estate agent. She has a basement unit which she gives for rent. The basement unit cannot be given to tenants on rent as Frances Bowles has no authority to do that. The real estate agent is not aware of the property truth. This should be taken as a serious matter. The tenants are mostly the youngsters and students of college and university. Frances Bowles often rent house to them showing them as their “step children”. She involves the innocent teenagers in the illegal matters.

Frances Bowles has a habit of high alcohol intake. She has cheated earlier with many landlords in matters of property. A lady who used to stay with Frances Bowles lodged a complain that she had physically assaulted that lady twice. Once France Bowles throw water bottles at her and secondly, she had shouted at her by biting the lady. Frances Bowles has also been arrested for mischief and criminal history. She didn’t even appear in the court for the hearings. Frances Bowles also has done many other crimes such as acid attacks. In one of the incidents, she killed a dog by burning it with fuel.

Frances Bowles causes damage to the belongings and other things which the tenants have in their houses. She has been charged with an assault on pets too. When the tenants are not present at home, Frances Bowles has poured hot water on the pet snakes of the tenants causing them harm. She has no right to enter into the property without enough permission from the tenants.

When the tenants made a complain for the ruthless behavior of Frances Bowles, she began to give the death threats to her tenants horrifying them at night. She calls the tenants to her home at night and warns them which makes the tenants worried about themselves. All the people who have been staying at the rented homes of Frances Bowles, have made these kinds of complains. The complains are mostly of physical and mental assaults.

Frances Bowles has also contravened the provisions of property acts. Every owner should provide a receipt of the rent to the tenants when he/she gets the rents. The receipt acts a legal document for the rent which has been paid. Frances Bowles doesn’t give any tenants the receipts of the rent that she gets. When the tenants ask for receipts, she would give them punishment by increasing the rent by $200 per day as long as the tenants stay in her property. This is an illegal act harassing the tenants. She also doesn’t take seriously the notice period. Frances Bowles has been charged with several criminal acts, mischief, physical and mental assaults to both the persons and their pets.

Frances Bowles has also earned illegally much income. She has never revealed her actual income. She always deals with her tenants in cash only. The cash she gets as the rent is never deposited by her in her bank account. She has a white car with number plate ending 543. She has many properties and much cash which are illegal as the reports say which she has never disclosed.

Even the police don’t take any sincere actions against this lady because of her criminal records. Frances Bowles can also drive cars of the tenants under a fake license. She has been held guilty for forcibly taking the vehicles of her tenants and driving them producing the false documents. She can even forge any signature on legal documents. In order to avoid these inconveniences, all the persons who enter into deal with this lady keeps a written record of all the transactions. A written document serves best the purpose.

Frances Bowles has no step children. She has no authority to give home on rent to anyone. She often damages the properties by spoiling the walls, breaking the glass items and furniture. She is seen by many neighbors forcibly entering into the houses of tenants in their absence. All the owners of properties and real estate agents take care while dealing with this fraudulent lady. They see all the documents and the court orders, before entering into contract with Frances Bowles.

The criminal history of Frances Bowles is long and never ending. She has been arrested by police in almost all the crimes. The criminal records of Frances Bowles are given by the court of law. She has broken many laws of property and tenants. She has caused harm to animals and pets by pouring hot water on them. She killed the animals by lighting the fire with fuel and harassed the pets too. Frances Bowles is also charged for damage done to animals under animal acts.

She has stolen the articles from the houses of neighbors. So, it is an earnest advice to all the tenants and landlords to take care from this lady. She is a criminal and can perform any wrong task for her defense. Many innocent people, youngsters and animals have been her victims of fraud.

Frances Bowles has acted as an innocent person earlier to save herself from crimes. The police too believed her by her fake and false appearance and proofs. She will act as a mentally challenged person in front of police. Frances Bowles is frequently arrested by police and the police ends the matter by sending her to psychologists. Thereafter she is released as an innocent person. No severe punishments have been taken against Frances Bowles by police yet.

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6 reviews

  1. Some things are accurate

    HaHa! No way! I know this woman!

    I must say some of the things on the post are so far fetched, acid attack? dog burner? c’mon. I’d say this. Frances is a sweet and warm lady who I think really wants to be a nice person, she can definitely show it, however, sadly many things in the post I have also observed. She does get drunk, a lot, she gets rage-ful and is incoherent when she is. She does get combative and physical, but mostly its verbal and immature slurs. She does make a lot of threats though.

    I’ve noticed she has many step children that seem to come and go, this makes sense to me now. I’ve lived near Frances for almost a year now, she generally seems like nice lady, however, definitely some skeletons in her closet, we can hear her screaming at her daughter late at night down the street. She has many fits. I’ve heard that she is renting out the basement when she isn’t suppose to.

    Overall, Frances is just a lady who is struggling with some social issues clearly. Yes you have to watch out for fraudulent activity with her, yes she may assault you when she is wasted, yes she is combative and immature, but somewhere in there she is sweet and wants to help. But she doesn’t toss acid at people or burn dogs.

  2. she is so called real estate smuggler

    she is so called real estate smuggler

  3. the original posting is a rant by 2 20 somethings with drug and alcohol issues. There statements are slanderous and untrue.

    thanks Tessa Anstee and Adon Kerr. You rented my basement and while you seemed like nice people with horrible experiences at the hands of your dysfunctional families, your true colours are shining through. You often failed to pay rent, told me that you had one small pet snake when u had 4. This included a very large boa constrictor. You have maligned my name because you were angry that i asked you to leave. Tessa, You moved in with a written guarantee from your father that he would cover the rent if you and adon defaulted. Then we found out that he too was broke. I cared for u guys like I did my own kids (biological and step – yes I have four of them). If you continue to post untrue and defamatory statement about me on sites like this I will be forced to file a civil suit against you. Please act accordingly.

  4. And who are you “Joe blow down the street”? I think you are just trying to soften the defamatory statements that you and your friends have made. So sick of the false accusations. Have I ever met you? I think not. I had great relationships with my neighbours. Clearly you are either Tessa Anstee or Adon Kerr or one of their friends. They were pot heads and I tried to help them. I guess trash is just trash. You included. I have hired an investigator to find out whom you are. A small glimmer of hope for me whom you have maligned. Go in peace.

  5. Recent DUI for Frances

    Frances Bowles this review is in response to seeing all the wrong doing you have committed against others who have spoken out about you. I hope you realize I am only sharing this information because of the way you constantly berate your victims with threats. I don’t really care too much about my interaction with you but clearly you have no respect for anyone. First and foremost I can say that most of the claims about you are 95% true I don’t believe the dog burning situation you are crazy but not that crazy but with one too many drinks maybe another Xanax and who knows. I know for a fact that you have photoshopped your credit score documents so I really don’t understand why your calling out 20 something year old’s on theirs when you at 52 have nothing to your name but these heinous crimes you have committed. Miss Bowles is known for drinking and driving she recently got charged with a DUI after crashing her car a little past 8 o’clock ( a little early to be drinking? As a 52 year old who has children) she has formally been charged with assault. By her many online profiles (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) you can find how she thoroughly enjoys harassing anyone who will not put up with the constant abuse. She also likes to think she is upper echelons but is really a low class drunk that is always looking to scam her way into upper class circles. I’m sure you will have your own response to this but you can’t even hide the truth when it comes from your own mouth. It just amazes me that you think so highly of yourself but of course the right mix of pills and alcohol will give anyone a false sense of self. You use to be quite pretty and all this drinking and hurting others has turned you into a monster no one can even recognize.

  6. False claims

    Wow. Who the hell are you? Post this again with your name. Never taken a xanex in my life. Never hurt an animal. Never claimed my tenants were step kids. And yes I do have step kids. But whomever you are you should be disgusted in yourself. May you find peace and let your displaced anger go.

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