Frances Bowles

Tessa Anstee and Adon Kerr

Tessa Anstee and Adon Kerr rented my basement apartment. They frequently could not pay. I rented them the space so I could help them get a head start on life. They did not qualify on their own. Tessa’s father guaranteed that he would pay if they could not. They moved in, they seemed nice. Then the problems began.

They were both pot smokers and really lazy. They would routinely be late for work. Adon was fired. Then Tessa was fired. They had no income and yet they continued to have money for booze, smokes and weed. They told me they had one small snake. In fact they had four snakes including a large boa constrictor.

At one point they did not have enough money to buy food for their snakes (but still had cigarette/pot money) and one of their ball pythons died of starvation. I cooked for them, I lent them money but the day had come, I had to ask them to pay or move out. One evening I heard noises and they in fact were moving out.

At this point they owed me more than two months rent (2,400)  and 270 dollars that I loaned to them to pay for their car insurance. Once they moved out they began to tell lies about me online. They are just bitter young people whom could not make it on their own. They moved back to Tessa’s family home and to this day I have been unable to collect the rent they owe me. The claims they have made about me are so untrue.

They are so ridiculous. They claim that I threw acid in one of my previous tenants face. If they had evidence of this or if the person whom they claim I threw acid on came forward, I would be in jail. I am not. They claim I was cruel to pets.Such a farce. I am a lifelong lover of animals.

I have a ten year old cockapoo and two beautiful cats. I would starve rather than see my animals without food. My friends regularly leave their pets with me when they go on vacation. It is pretty crazy that people can post such untruths and that it will stay out there in the ether forever. But that is the new way.

They were upset at their own failure and did not want me to seek the money they owed me so they lashed out. How sad.

I caution to anyone whom encounters either Tessa Anstee or Adon Kerr….stay clear. I fear they will never hold down jobs and will be unable to pay their rent.

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