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Fort Lowell is a scam property management firm

We needed a Property management firm to manage our place. We contact Fort Lowell Property management services, they sent their girl named Sarah. I don’t know whether Fort Lowell knew about this or was unknown about the fact that their manager was a cheat.

She broke all the rules of agreement that were made by me and the property management firm. She used to put tenants in our property without vetting them. Applicants also lied to us in the matter of their lease and credentials. Seemed as if she was doing all this intentionally.

One thing is for sure, Sarah was not at all qualified for this job. Not only did she used to allow tenants without credentials, she also allowed them with pets that were strictly prohibited at our place. On any such thing getting caught, once needs to send a 10 day notice to the tenant. In those ten days, either the tenant has to get rid of the pet or the place.

She did not do any such thing. She did not even send the notice to them. In the end what we had to do is, give a call to the owner of the property management firm, i.e. her boss about her unprofessional behavior to get things sorted out.

A person hires property management firms to stay aloof from all these things. Even after hiring them, it felt like we were the ones who were managing the property. It did not seem at all that the property was managed by a professional property management firm. Last incident should have been a tough lesson for anyone but Sarah. She learned nothing from the incident. Even after that incident we had to send her emails to which she did not reply at all.

We had complaints that our property was damaged by the pets that were present in the house. We reported this issue to Sarah, to which she got back to us saying that the property was completely fine. After two days when we had a visit to our property, we found many problems in the property. Puppies had chewed up the irrigation pipes, the floor near the pool was chewed up badly by them. There were nine dogs living in the house at that moment. It seemed almost like a zoo to me. We couldn’t say anything to the tenants all because of Sarah.

The equipment’s, knobs and plants were chewed up. All these times, she never got back to us with a proper reply. She did not have any sense of professionalism, she lacked her sense of responsibilities.

In the end we had to hire a lawyer to teach Sarah and Fort Lowell Reality a tough lesson, because they left us with no choice whatsoever! I would not recommend this name to anyone for property management, because they do not manage any property, they just say they do but frankly they do not. It’s a waste of your money and time.

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