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I am looking to move back to Boston and noticed the firm and landlord I had when I lived there 20 years ago here on ; and clearly things haven’t changed. That experience still remains vivid in my memory.

Putting aside the same types of issues experience as are discussed in the other reviews here, she refused to return my deposit at first but then finally did return half of mine after months of pursuing her to do so.

Her excuse for keeping half was that since she could not get her maintenance guy to show up at the pre-scheduled walk through (I was given no notice of a change in date/time for the walkthough) I was liable for rent until then. I had no notice of the change and was moving out of state so I couldn’t be present since I was moving out of state.

By far the worst landlord I ever personally experienced. I know housing can be tough so if you do decide to rent with Fordham anyway, be sure you DOCUMENT EVERYTHING throughout your tenancy!

Take pictures at move in, move out, and whenever there are problems that can be captured in pics, take the picture(s). Be sure to test everything – document condition of the place and all appliances/utilities carefully. Keep a notebook documenting all experiences and correspondence in writing as they happen (keep call records with notes but preferably email/text keeping printouts of them – in case something happens to your phone) whether they be good or bad; document all of it.

No need to tell her that you’re keeping this record but keep it tucked away as it will be critical should you need to fight to get your deposit back or need to take any recourse regarding non-working appliances, or their inability to provide timely maintenance, heat, a/c, or address vermin, roaches, etc.

I know it’s a pain but trust me…when I was questioning issues she seemed to keep meticulous notes that, in my case, were quite skewed in their favor and any requests I made in conversation didn’t exist except where it seemed her version was useful to her and her recollection was often not the same as mine – keep in mind that if it’s not documented then it’s not ‘real’ when it comes to disputes – so if you do have a conversation, immediately confirm it in writing.

You will need this type of documentation for any legal action/recourse should it become necessary – hopefully it won’t be. Good luck and may the farce be with you!

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