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The problem started when I was willing to purchase a new home for myself, selling the current one. I was looking to make a shift for some reasons so I contacted someone who could make my work easier. That is when Florida home Realty came into picture. I got in contract with Florida Home Realty, they were supposed to make sure I get a new home and at the same time sell my older one. To get into a contract with them meant; me paying them with a 1000 bucks which were refundable according to their agent. I trusted him and did accordingly.

The search for a buyer started, we met few of them amongst which one got finalized. Just to mention, their contract was something which said, I am to buy one after I sell my older one. And they were supposed to take care of everything from start till the end. So, when I got a confirmed buyer, all the formalities started. The credentials, documentation and finally it came till loan. Unfortunately this buyer wasn’t able to get an approval for his loan from the FHA. After this, he decided not to buy, so he decided not to continue with us anymore. We had no option but to wait for another buyer.

This made me ask back for the $1000 that I could refund as per them. That is when I came to know that, for deciding whether or not I am going to get my 1000 bucks back, they will need their owner to come back. The agent described to me how the owner had went somewhere for cancellation of my legal documents and only when he comes back he will tell whether I am supposed to get my $1000 back or not! Now waiting for a month, I was so pissed off that I decided to drop by their office. When I did so, the lady at the reception did not let me meet her at first. Then I got an email from them saying that I could only use my 1000 USD if I had a successful deal with any of the buyer from Florida Home Realty. This is really extorting money out of people. Making them fake promises, taking money from them and then not returning back, this is was eluders do! Florida Realty Home is a fraud, it takes money from you and does not show up back. Please beware of them Floridians!

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