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I have lived in an apartment leased from Fairfield for almost a decade. The only reason I still live in the apartment is b/c it is very affordable compared to other rents in the area.


Wouldn’t you want to take it from someone who has put up with them for almost 10 years? The people who gave 4 star and 5 star ratings must be employees or must have moved into BRAND new apartments and have not needed to deal with the staff since moving whatsoever.

If you are looking at older brownstones that they manage DO NOT MOVE IN!! Save yourself the headache.

Just as others are saying, they will not fix anything at all in your place unless you hound them tirelessly, which I became an absolute master at.

We have a mold issue in our bathroom that I could take them to court for, we also learned a while back that for god knows how long the electrical has been crossed and we have been paying for our neighbors upstairs while they have been paying for ours.

Of course their bill has been lower than ours so god only knows how much excess $$ I have donated to NSTAR.

J (I’ll call her), who answers the phone and often plays dispatcher, is perhaps the most moody person I have ever come across.

I don’t care that you have 400 units across the city to keep your eye on! THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM!

Tell the owners to hire more people. Your tenants should not suffer b/c they are a bunch of cheap POS.

Be courteous and do not give that snide attitude. It would go a long way in keeping your tenants, who are already fuming, happy and at bay.

They NEVER EVER call you back. You take time off of work to come wait for someone who is due to show up and they don’t show up.

You call the office and get the dispatcher, you mention who you are and then just “Hi……..” from her.

No, “I’m sorry they are on their way etc”, that would be asking too much. Instead you will just a snide “Hi….”. I smashed many fists into my couch picturing employees of this place on the other side.

P (I’ll call him), who others have mentioned, must smoke 1000 joints a day for how forgetful he is.

I will say he is a nice guy and generally easy to talk to, but if I heard one more time “If you don’t hear back from me, just call me back tomorrow…”, I swear to god.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the owners. They just want to collect their money and spend 0 dollars in overhead (definition of scumbag property owners). Our refrigerator broke down years ago.

Now this was a regular sized refrigerator that all homes have that are set up for adult city living.

What they replaced it with almost caused my roommate to march down to the office with a club in her hand.

A medium/mini fridge that can barely hold enough food/beverage for an adult couple. It also left a huge gap in between the top of the fridge and our cabinets (which was previously filled by the regulation size fridge that was replaced).

I could go on and on with issues we have had over the years, the headaches and time it took for each to get addressed and the many yahoo employees we have encountered as well.

The one bright spot is Frisco, the handyman. Although Fairfield extends his know-how well beyond his capabilities, the guy works hard, works fast and gets the small jobs done….that is when you can actually get them to send him to your place.

PLEASE LISTEN TO ME IF YOU ARE READING THIS. After all I have been through over the years, as well as my neighbors in the building who could all attest to my review and add many more paragraphs of their own horror stories, it would do my heart good to know that I have held business back from these folks.

In review: Rude, inattentive management staff and slumlord, cheap skate owners.

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