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Pushy behavior to get our money

Wow, where do I start? Erica, the owner of Elita Living Real Estate, is one of the most incompetent property managers I have EVER worked with. I read all her negative reviews online, and tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. But now I can confirm that all the negative reviews on her business are legit. We experienced the same issues!

Last weekend we went to view one of Erica’s properties, a town home she was renting out on behalf of the owners. During the open house, she was extremely disinterested in the people there looking to rent. She didn’t even put any effort into selling the place. Despite that, we LOVED the town home, and had come prepared to apply and put a deposit down. She glanced over the information we brought, and told us to apply online, and did not take a check to hold the place, or take our pay stubs for proof of employment. She took nothing….

We rushed home and applied right away. Erica said she’d let us know by Monday if we were approved. Monday came and went, and we didn’t hear anything. Tuesday morning she said we were approved. We said that was great, we’d take the place, but that we’d need to pay the security deposit and her miscellaneous fees the following morning, because we had to transfer our money into one account (that takes the bank about 24 hours to clear). She told us that was fine, that we could pay the following morning.

Throughout Tuesday, I sent her emails back and forth with questions, because we weren’t able to really talk to her during the open house. I tried to nail down a time we could meet in person to go over the lease and pay our fees. When she responded to emails, she came off yet again very disinterested and brusque. She wouldn’t answer all of our questions, and would only half answer the ones that she did.

She never lined up a time we could meet. And after EACH email (we had about 10 emails back and forth that day) she’d threaten to stop holding the town home for us, and put it back on market, unless we paid the deposit ASAP (even though she already said we could pay the following morning!) Funny thing is, Erica said upon approval that she would supply us with the information to use her online portal to pay our deposit.

Well, she NEVER gave us that information. So she had no right to keep pushing us for the money when we couldn’t even use her portal to pay. I asked here three times that day for the information, and she never sent it.

Erica also sent us a ‘Lease Holders Agreement’ to be signed and included with our deposit (basically it states that you are going to rent the property and will sign the lease by a certain date). The agreement had so much incorrect information and was full of blank fields, which she asked US to fill out. She got our lease term wrong even though we talked to her about it several times.

There were hidden fees, never mentioned during the open house, like a $250 non-refundable administrative fee, and a hefty $500 pet deposit (information wasn’t even listed on her Zillow ad). We were pretty upset about the $250 administrative fee, considering she wasn’t even doing her job. She was sending us blank documents and expecting us to fill out the information, like rent amount, address of property, lease term, deposit information, and ect. Things that property managers are supposed to fill out for you.

We let Erica know that the information on the agreement was wrong. She said to cross it out and write over it. Doing so on a legal and binding document is extremely unprofessional. We also noticed in the agreement that once we put the deposit down and signed (it wasn’t even the real lease), We’d forfeit the entire $1,750 deposit if we canceled before moving in. HUGE red flag! Erica wanted the money AND that document signed BEFORE she would meet with us in person to go over the ACTUAL lease and answer our questions about moving in. No one in their right mind is going to hand over almost 2k without seeing proper documents.

We got fed up with her pushy behavior to get our money before providing us correct information and meeting with us. We called her today (Wednesday) and told her we were no longer interested in renting, because working with her had been difficult. Erica was catty and hung up on us before we could finish telling her why we didn’t want to rent.

We wasted $100 on application fees, but dodged a HUGE bullet. While we are sad we won’t be moving into that town home, I’m sure it would have been hell being locked into a long term lease with Erica as the property manager. I feel sorry for the people who trusted her to rent their home out…

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