Duncan Wierman

Duncan Wierman: A disrespectful man

I have gone through the worst experience of my life by meeting Duncan Wierman. He is a scammer of all times. When I went to meet him for inquiry of a property, he gave me all fake information. His excellent marketing skills really trapped me in his net. I was completely convinced with the way of his speech.

To buy a property and sell it is a matter of great efforts. We need a platform to conduct this procedure and so we depend on the property dealers to solve these matters. A property dealer acts as a chain between the clients and the property. He is bound to be true for others to trust him. But if the dealers are fake and cheaters, people will stop approaching such persons for matters of properties.

Duncan Wierman gave me the details of his business and his connections with the rich businessmen. He has a powerful talent of showing all fraudulent details as real. He impressed me with his network and contacts. But I was totally astonished by knowing his false identity. Duncan Wierman is a disrespectful person.

He convinces the rich businessmen by his talent to deal with him. If any entrepreneur refuses to work with him, Duncan Wierman spoils his name. He destroys the good reputation of all the businessmen who don’t work with him. Duncan Wierman does all the fraudulent activities such as putting the names of good businessmen in bad lists.

This fraudulent man has introduced a course of $1500 for studying the valuation of property. It is just the waste of money and time. After spending $1500, I got only the ways to spend more on his fake activities. He told me about his coaching and special lessons of investment if I spend more money.

Duncan Wierman tries to show that he is an expert of investment field. I approached him to get an idea how to increase the valuation of property. When I asked him about the amount of investment, he refused to invest any money. He gave me instructions through emails and to follow various strategies which were all fake.

He is just a marketing expert. He attracts the clients by his false talks and speech. Duncan Wierman shows that he is a master in handling real estate but in reality, he just wants to fool

People around. When I asked him about the investment amount in real estate, he told me that he is keen to invest from different sectors.

Duncan Wierman has zero knowledge of real estate. His real work is take money after which he gives a fake lecture on ways to invest your money in real estate. He is a scammer who deceives clients by his bogus speech. He just spoils the names of good industrialists and people who don’t work with him.

He takes advantage of the people who really want to invest their money in different fields. Beware of this fake man as he has nothing but a false identity!!!

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  1. Duncan Wierman

    Duncan Wierman is the scam artist, I been scammed once again

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