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They are unprofessional and do not follow through on their word

I need to advise every, please do your research when shopping for a broker. I have closed on 2 buys with DreamTown Realty with the same broker. I was looking to sell my house and used the same broker I used twice before for the 3rd deal but now that I was buy, it was a completely feel experience I must say. My house was on the market for 5 months and the only strategy for a lot of the brokers there seem to be, let’s over price your home and continue to down the price. They depend solely on internet sales and there ridiculous price drop.

I hope everyone understands, this brings questions for buyer such as, why have they dropped the price so much? Is there something wrong with the place? But t continue, there was little to no feedback. I was constantly informing my broker of what I needed and asking for feedback. I was constantly stressing my urgency on what needed to be done to sell the home. The response was well houses on average are on the market for so and so and you just have to wait it out.

Also, I am advertising so much but when I requested the proof it was ignored. When the pictures of my home when taken I was not home but I had someone there to watch and help. The blinds where left shut, the lights were off, the pictures were grey and horrible quality. The pictures I had on my iphone where 10 times better than the pictures taken by the “professional”. I was supposed to approve the picture prior to them going up, that was not the case as the broker just decided to put them up without my approval.

He suggested open houses on days when it was raining and gloomy out or snow just fell. I Argued on that as I felt it was a waste of time but when through with it and of course all a waste of time. A few months went on and I was done with them. No work on the brokers end, my was just sitting back with a for sale sign on my home for no reason. I requested the contract details for cancellation. I urge you ask question when signing their contracts.

They are 1 year contracts with a 6% commission, average most brokers charge… 5% for 6 months. They are trying to lock you in and take all your money. Bad for business when they don’t so much. Anyways, I was told it would be under $900 to get out the contract, the broker fee and the advertisements fees for the brokers work and the pictures… lol. I thought that was funny given the horrible pictures they used which the broker agreed and apologized for weren’t used on the listing and there was still no proof of the additional advertising this broker had done.

I argued that and they removed the fee. Long story short, I wrote the check, dropped it off, check was cashed right away and the listing was still up 3 days later. No response to emails when asked for and updated and provided proof the check was cashed. They are good to bug the hell out of you when they want you to response for a showing but when you want to cancel because they are not doing their job you no longer exist and you are a non-factor. Business is business and at the end of the day you keep it professional, they are far from that.

I do not recommend Dream town to any friends or family, a lot of them seem to have the strategy and the commission extremely high for the services they do not provide. If a broker is going to lean on solely internet sales get the bank for your buck somewhere else. They are unprofessional and do not follow through on their word.

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Chicago 60614 IL US
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