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Extremely negative experience

We had an extremely negative experience with Mr. Doron Weisbarth who is the founding member of Doron Weisbarth & Associates. After working with him we feel that he is dishonest and only looking out for his own interests. Due to complications within his firm, he passive-aggressively forced us to work with him (in a politically correct and still legal way). The alternative was to redo months of work so we grudgingly kept working with him. He didn’t know much about our file when he entered the picture and we found the house we ended up buying on our own shortly thereafter.

During the bidding process, he used our lack of experience (this was our first home purchase) to try and convince us to bid aggressively to his benefit but not ours. We did not fully understand the risk even though he made it seem like he explained them all to us. Luckily we kept in touch with someone we trusted and was informed of our true risk of bidding at the point Mr. Weisbarth was pushing for. Thankfully, we were able to correct our bid in time.

During this process, Mr. Weisbarth also disregarded our request to stop contacting us and let someone else represent us. He went as far as telling the selling agent to go through him for all communications despite our wishes. We won the bid with the help of someone else figuring out the details of what was going on and guiding us through it all. Throughout the closing process, someone else helped us with explanations and communications with the mortgage company while Mr. Weisbarth did nothing except give us the keys (which we had to ask him for).

I rate his process expertise as masterful because he knows it well enough to know exactly what to say to manipulate inexperienced buyers to his own ends. In other words, he lets his clients take all the risks while he takes none yet he reaps all the benefits of a higher commission, even if it could cost his clients everything they own.

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Greenwood Avenue North 6828
Seattle 98103 WA US
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Reported Loss : 2500 $
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