Diane Jaquet

Diane has no knowledge of real estate deals

I wanted to sell my house and came across this lady called Diane Jaquet. She is the owner of We Buy Houses. This company and everyone associated with it, are fake and scammers. Diana kept mentioning about the partners while we were still in talks but never gave me any hint about their whereabouts.

After I was cheated, I googled her on the internet and found out that she was a failed life and travel coach. She is also not the right person to deal with real estate businesses. When I first talked to her, she provided me a link to her YouTube channel which was very poorly maintained. I still regret to choose her over many other great businesses.

She baited me by telling that she would herself buy my house if she fails to see it at first place. It sounded too good and I believed her. In case, she tells you the same thing, makes sure to ask for the proofs of the funds. Also, you would require an attorney to look at the papers she will give you to sign. But, that would be an extra cost to the budget. Anyway, you would be wasting time dealing with her.

She asked me to pay $2500 for terminating the contract. When I refused, she said that she would put a lien on the property. I did not want that to happen and I paid her what she asked for. I will really applaud for her pretense. She got me into believing that she was going to buy my house.

She is a great actor, I guess she should try for movies. She will never mention that she knows nothing about the real estate business. After you would start finding it yourself, she will start avoiding you until you ask her for termination. That is when she would throw the shock for paying her to do so.

Before paying her the amount, I thought of reconsidering my decision of termination of the contract. So, I asked for the proof of funds. I also asked her to generate the broker license and she was unable to provide any evidence for the same.

She wanted me to leave the contract. I guess this is how she makes money. She did not resist when I asked for canceling the contract. Rather, she asked me to pay the amount right away. She is a type of person who believes in getting rich by quick schemes.

I lost my money and wasted my time with her. When I was out of the contract, I contacted another company which had a genuine online presence and great reviews from legitimate clients. It was easy. They sorted the matter in no time. I sold my house and did not have any trouble.

I wish I had never met Diane in the first place. She is a scammer and a bogus real estate agent. Her partners are imaginary, and her promises are flimsy. Stay away from her company and her tactics.

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2 reviews

  1. Rebuttal

    For over ten years, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Diane Jaquet. When I first met her, she had already been owning and managing real estate. During this time, Diane has shown nothing but the utmost in professionalism and integrity. She has an empathic soul and truly cares about the people she works with. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

  2. In response to this report

    A number of the anonymously made comments on this website are false. We are addressing a few of the statements made about us below:

    – Our business partners are real.
    In the case of anonymous seller, the name, address, email address and telephone number of our business partners where provided in writing the day we met and mutually agreed to sign an agreement. This information is on the document you signed and notarized. Also, your escrow company communicated directly with our business partners and you were in copy of the email exchanges.

    – Broker or real estate license.
    We are not real estate agents or brokers and never claimed to be. We are investors looking to buy good properties and help sellers in the process.

    – Breaking the contract.
    No, we did not want you to leave the contract. We wanted you to honor the contract you signed. Feel free to refer to my email to you and your escrow company dating 03/14. You decided to pay us to go away instead of honoring the contract you signed, or instead of waiting until our contract expired.

    – Experience in real estate.
    I bought my first rental property at the age of 25, all by myself. Ten years later, I believe I have in-depth experience and knowledge in real estate investing. I also have the pleasure and honor of partnering with people whom I consider to be some of the best creative real estate investing experts in the country.
    For instance, I have recently helped a person in a challenging financial situation with his property in ways that no other ‘real estate person’ was able to. I’m proud of this.

    On a personal note, I too wish I had not gotten into an agreement with you had I known the extent to which you would take pleasure in discrediting me and my company. I have wasted my time and money as well my partners’ – Time and money I could have used to buy another property and work with people who needed and valued my help.

    If we continue to see more false statements made about me or my company, you will hear from our attorney directly. By law, publishing false statements could constitute defamation.

    Diane Jaquet

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