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Dawn is a shady lady. Stay away from her.

My wife and I rented homes through Show Ready Homes. This company, as claimed is owned by Dawn Edmondson. In a month, I had to shift three houses because of her lies and unprofessional behaviour. When I rented my first house with her, I stayed there for three months. During that time, she always had issues with the rents that I used to transfer in the bank account of the owner. She asked me twice to show the proof of the transaction. Hence, from third month, I stared paying her in cash, to be paid to the owner.

After few months, she asked me that the owner wanted us to leave the house. When I asked about the reason, she did not say much and said that she would be checking better options for us. She got us a ready house with furniture. We shifted and that costed us over $2000.

After few days, not even a month, she asked us to empty the place as the owner was willing to sell the house. When I asked, why she offered that house at the first place, she said that the decision was spontaneous. We bought that answer.

She showed us another place which was even better than the first one. Again, after few days, she came to me and said that we needed to move again. When I spoke to the owner, he said that children were not allowed in his apartment and Dawn knew about it. So, she lied about the children. We have four children and all of them study in elementary school. I had to change their school as well when we shifted to this apartment.

She said that it would be the last house and the problems will be solved. She showed us another place which was good, but the furniture was too old. All the beds had bed bugs. When I questioned about it, she refused to accept that, until I challenged her about the same. Later, she admitted that there were bed bugs.

After few days, we came to know that the previous renters of the house had some disputes when police visited us. Although, we had no connection to that, we did not want to answer everyone coming to our place, looking for the previous renters. I called the owner and told him about it. As obvious, he was not aware of any such case.

Dawn hid the truth about the renters. If I would have been the owner, I would have reacted very badly.

This is not it. She used to steal things from our house which we were never able to locate. When I visited a house which she was showing to some other client, I saw my stolen things there. At this, Dawn said that I would have left that in the old house and she was not sure how she got that.

It costed me more than $2000 for every time I moved. Dawn is a scammer and I tried to find her company’s website. But, did not see any website up. I am not sure if this company even exists.


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Reported Loss :7000 $
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