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I rented a property on Central Park. Initially the guy (Darby Thomas Murphy) told me he was the owner of the unit, so we there wasn’t any real state involved. He didn’t ask for any prove of income or documents usually asked in this kind of procedure as according to him “just pay the rent on time and it will be fine”.

OK, I did the inspection on Thursday 02/11 and after checking it I told I would like to move. So, I asked for a contract and he came with standard residential tenancy agreement and on 06/11 we both signed it and I paid him $4500 (bond + 1 week rent) through a transfer made on Commonwealth Branch (Central Park Mall) and he gave me 3 swipe cards a 3 house keys. He told me he would provide a 4th one, because my plan since the beginning was to live with 3 other people (4 total – even that on the tenancy agreement he allowed me to live with 5).

Since I moved on Monday 06/11, I have been asking him for the cards, the garage key (according to him he was renting it to someone who wasn’t paying – but he didn’t have this person contact) and he was always saying that he was working on that, he had required everything, and I should wait and etc. I also complained about some damages and holes in the property and he just told me not worry about it and it didn’t worth to fix it because the new tenants would do more damage and if I was not happy about the place I could just leave.

On Monday 13/11 I was supposed to pay $900 rent, but I told him I wouldn’t pay it if he didn’t provide me the cards for the new tenants, because I have been asking it for a week and he was just lying to me. During this week I visited the Building Management and they told me that I should ask the real state agent to email them to provide the keys and register the new tenants in the building system (that was the first time I acknowledge that a real state existed).

On Wednesday 15/11 he came to the concierge and cancelled my card (according to him, he was in the US and suddenly he showed up here) and threatened to kick me out if I didn’t pay the rent saying things like “You are in a student visa, if you don’t pay I send you back to your country” and “I’m gonna put you in the floor in two seconds” (this one when I was trying to approach him to talk and he kept stepping back). So, I paid him $1800 on that day and he reactivate my card.

On Thursday 16/11 I went to Real State to explain them the situation and Darby had told them that he was charging me $750 and he was paying the rest of the rent by himself (the real state charge $890 on this apartment). And of course, during this whole time he never sent any email ordering the swipe cards, garage keys or the other flatmates registration. That was the first time I met them, and they tried to help me, but there was not much to do because their contract was with him and not me. So, they still need his approval to authorize everything.

On Friday 17/11 the new tenants 3 girls moved in and since they moved, Darby hasn’t provided the swipe cards or registered them in the system. I just managed to do it because the real state helped me to do so. And still, because he is the head tenant and just 4 people can live in this unit one of the girls still unregistered (because he cannot be removed from the system).

Meanwhile I have searched Darby’s name on internet and found some rip-off reports on him and also received many letters with overdue bills and even some NCAT reconciliation letter from one of his previous tenants trying to recover a bond from August/2017.

On Monday 27/11, after two weeks without sending me any message he came to me asking for the rent (via Facebook). But when I came home there was a letter of termination form the real state because he hasn’t paid them rent for more than 14 days. In the latter says that we are supposed to vacant the premises until 09/12.

I was advised by the local council not to pay him and wait until 09/12. Obviously, he didn’t pay anything and, so I was able to apply to take over the lease of the unit. However, after failing to pay the real state for four weeks, Darby refuses to return my $3600 after everything he had done.

After announcing this report on internet, I got many messages from people who had similar situation with him.

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  1. The only way to deal with cowards like this is physical violence.
    Go and break an arm and tell him that worse is to come unless you get your money back.
    He is playing on your niceness and good nature.

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