Darby Murphy

Darby Murphy Thomas is a fraud who lied about the ownership of the house

I was looking out for a place for rent. I checked few places and saw advertisements on internet as well. I found a property listed with the name of Thomas. I liked the pictures and was interested in it. The property was at 605/87 Bay St. So, to further the deal, I contacted Thomas. His number was available online. I called him, and we scheduled a time for checking the property. He was polite, and I liked the way he offered me to investigate the property.

I did my investigation and checked the property after a week. I liked the place a lot and was happy to shift as soon as possible. I have been staying on rent from a long time and know a lot about the scams that happens. This was the reason I was already prepared for any loop holes.

I requested Thomas for the agreement which he agreed. I also asked for a meeting before we finalized everything. He said that he was out of station and would be available only after a month. It was a huge period and I had to shift right away. So, I had to make a decision as early as possible.

I agreed upon shifting without a meeting, but needed to speak with any agent in the city. He said that once I would pay him the security amount of four month’s rent, he would make arrangements for the agreement as well as, a meeting with his agent.

It sounded doubtful and luckily, I started my research about the property. I was shocked and at the same time happy to find out about the lies. Thomas was not his original name. He was Darby Murphy who uses his con name to scam people through rent fraud.

There were other complaints listed on his name on many websites and every other complaint was about his wrong identification and rent fraud. Every time, he left the tenants out of money and without a house once the security deposit was paid. He never answered the calls again.

I took a deep breath and congratulated myself after this finding and I would not be leaving this behind without a fight. I am going to sue him for misleading me and many others. Though this post, I would like to suggest those who have already been conned, to come forward and join hands in making him pay for his sins.

Darby or Thomas, whatever name he chooses, I would do my best to make him repay and this is going to happen soon. I am not the one who waits for the mishap to occur and then react. You will be behind bars.


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7 reviews

  1. Here is some information on darby murphy

    My friend was scammed by darby murphy too.

    Check out this information on him:

    Email: [email protected]

    Facebook profile 1: https://www.facebook.com/darbymurphy

    Facebook profile 2: https://www.facebook.com/darby.murphy.106

    This is pretty random, but people responding to Darby on Ask FM: https://ask.fm/LordDarbyMurphy

    Lets report this guy.

  2. Lying, conman

    He has also scammed us too. He owed us for a bond and then said he was undergoing bankruptcy proceedings which we called him out on.

    He’s also fed us countless lies and had us act under false pretence.

    We’ve found that he’s scammed a number of people.

    He also stated that he was employed at his family law firm http://www.murphyslawyers.com/

    We have reported him to fair trading NSW and suggest others do too. People should get all the texts and emails together and we can prosecute him quite easily.

    If you wish to contact us, leave your email below in a comment and we’ll be in touch with more information.

  3. Scamming shit

    absolute twat of a kid

  4. Help

    We were just scammed by him, anyone know what we should do?

  5. Darby Murphy Is a Professional Con-Man

    Scammed by him too, he purchased cleaning services through our company but refused payment.

    He sent screenshots of having no money and of being kicked out of his apartment.

    He is an absolute conman, DO NOT under any circumstances provide this gentleman with any sort of credit. He has no qualms ripping off honest hard-working family businesses.

    I am shocked and appalled at the behaviour of this man-child and he thoroughly deserves every ounce of bad karma he has coming his way.

  6. Legal representation

    It seems that there are a stack of people being owed money.

    If you want to email me at [email protected] with details we can all collate our evidence and go and get legal representation.

    He was acting fraudulently and obtaining financial advantage through deception. You can read up yourselves on the definitions.

    Hope to hear from you

  7. Con artist

    Hey guys go to the police and make a complaint they need as much evidence as possible. I went down today to make a complaint at darling harbour police station so everyone should go there

    Contact me at [email protected]

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