Daniel Allphin

Dan Allphin Is A Remax Criminal Man

Before 2 years, a person named Dan Allphin purchased a house besides my house and it was a ‘vacation rental’. Having a vacation rental is prohibited in Washington D.C. Many people were coming and staying there often. This person was not concerned at all about the people in the neighborhood. Our neighbors knew that Dan Allphin is a man of questionable character and that his activities should be thoroughly checked.

There was another owner with Dan Allphin who was also helping him in illegal activities. Earlier, both of them were held guilty for breaking the laws. In case of vacation rental, they have hired a lawyer. They wanted to falsely convince the judge that the people who stayed at this vacation rental were their family members. But the judge denied the statement. Dan Allphin and the other owner were charged guilty.

I and all the people in the neighborhood were having problems with the people who used to come for staying at vacation rental. Once, the Mayor came at our place at night. He told us that he wanted to stay at vacation rental without any trouble. Dan Allphin is a fraudulent person who continuously commits crimes.

He is involved in many criminal activities such as bribery and paying the money to be free from court sentences. In spite of many actions taken by court, Dan Allphin and other person manage to get themselves out of crimes. Many criminal, fraudulent and disruptive people still come to stay at his house.

We are very upset with the activities of these criminal persons. Few days back, we captured a video of some children shouting from this house. I and other neighbors found out that there are many children in the house. They create disruption in our locality.

All the people including me were facing a lot of problems due to the illegal activities going I the house. As this is a man of criminal background, the neighbors too are frightened to make a complain.

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to stop such criminal persons to make destruction in our area. And if we cannot stop them, we should lodge a complain to police to take strict actions against such fraudulent man. If we will not take some serious steps in coming years in coming years, such crimes will increase day by day in our city.

Along with us, the house owners should also be responsible towards their duty of selling houses. They should be careful in dealings with such criminals. The owners are not supposed to sell the house without proper proofs and proper documents. The owners should have frequent checks on the activities within the house. Then only we can reduce the crimes in our locality.

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  1. Dan Allphin Review

    Dan can be a great danger. His association with various crimes is the reason people stay away from him.

    He should be behind bars. That is where he belongs. A rip off he is.

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