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Many frustrating occurrences happens

I live in a building managed by Brett. He is the most frustrating part of living here. It consistently takes at least a week and multiple attempts to get him to respond to anything. I might’ve chalked it up to rough transition when he first took over the building, but it’s been 3 months and too many frustrating occurrences.

The first time I contacted him, I was pleased he responded within a reasonable 2 business days. (Though he ignored some of the maintenance issues.) Since then it takes minimum 1 week, and multiple follow ups for any response, then typically a few more days and tries to actually address whatever it is.

2 weeks, multiple emails, texts, and a voicemail for just a response to maintenance requests that went unaddressed or unresolved the first time (broken dryer, constant running toilet, etc.) He then didn’t stop by the day he said he would. After a few days and no response to follow up texts, I suddenly get a text while at work–he asks if I’m nearby to let him in my unit, that he tried to enter but his key didn’t work.

Hello, 24 hour notice?! Had he said something like, “I’m at the building, is it ok for me to enter?” I would’ve said yes. That he didn’t show up when he said he would doesn’t give the right to enter at his convenience. Not ok.

Very unhappy about 2 weeks of no response, not showing up when he said he would, then suddenly trying to enter my unit a few days later without notice.
(Also worth mentioning the maintenance guy said he was also unable to get in touch with Brett to get more info about the maintenance issues.)

I received an email of my account statement (probably automated) showing a balance due weeks after paying my rent. I emailed Brett to make sure my check had been received. Again, 2 emails, several texts, this time only 1 week for a response. Wow improvement. He said he would check on it that day. Again, nothing until a couple days later when he tells me I can “sign into my account and check myself.”

Never heard anything about an account from him before. (I actually found his website doing my own online searching and tried to create an account, but was unable due to the property not being listed as a required option.) Finally, he sends me an updated account statement showing rent credited on the 1st of the month (16 days after I paid).

This was last month. Again this month, I got the automated email well after paying my rent. Emailed him a week ago about utilities, and mentioned the account balance. Of course, no response. Now the 3rd of the month (past due date), account still shows unpaid balance. Do we have to go through this every month?? Rent, maintenance, communication. Come on, these are basic building management responsibilities.

Additionally, other tenants in the building have mentioned frustration about his response to ongoing theft.Looking at his online presence, it appears Brett has a variety of realty interests. I may be making assumptions, but perhaps since responding to tenant issues doesn’t bring a direct paycheck like selling a house, it’s low on his priority list.

If that’s the case, that’s sh**ty. Or maybe he’s unorganized, or…. Whatever it is, the lack of communication and the inability to respond to basic tenant needs is extremely poor. The most frustrating manager I’ve dealt with in 20 years of renting.

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