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CKS property management is rude and unprofessional

I have been listening about property scam but thought I was lucky not to face them. I have a job that keeps me moving in different cities and dealing with realtor was always a great experience until I got in contact with CKS Property management. They were not only unprofessional but were very suspicious.

Because I have dealt with many agents and builders, I have an idea of the process involved. Though, there are few changes as per the company’s policies, but the motive remains the same. They all work in different fashion, but never ask for any personal information until the deal is finalized.

CKS Property Management was totally different and their working was also unethical. I applied for a property through them and a guy named Tyler contacted me through message. I tried calling him because I wanted to have a clear communication instead of back and forth messages.

Tyler did not accept my call and messaged me to text him. That was rude and unprofessional. However, I tolerated it. This guy asked me to send him photos of our IDs and social security number. I did not understand why they needed that. This information is critical and are only asked after the deal is finalized and the party is signing the lease.

I had never given my information to any agent until I have signed the lease. However, I did not question and sent him the pictures. I even tried sending a second application but they were having some issues with their computer.

The next day, Randall, a guy from the same company called me. For a change, he seemed a bit friendly and also had answers for few questions. That made me relaxed and I sent him the second application. After that, I did not get any update from wither Tyler or Randall.

Randall had also promised me to send some more pictures of the condo, which he never did. I waited again for a day and in the mean time I left text for both Randall and Tyler. They never got back to me. I called them the next day and Randall answered my phone. He told me that we would require a 3rd person with all the information. It would be easier to process the application if we lag in any part.

We were eligible for the amount and did not need any 3rd person, but without much question, I only asked him the reason for that information. As the 3rd person was not going to stay with us. He said it was their policy. I submitted that form as well.

Next two days went and he did not call. I got another number to call and asked Randall about the update. He said that the condo was rented to some other person. I was furious but controlling my anger, I only asked him, “Does your policy not say to inform your applicants?”

Randall told me that I was argumentative and disconnected my call. I know I was patient all the time. I never tried to shout on him. As an applicant, I had the authority to clear my doubts.

This all make me feel that these guys are not genuine. They took all our personal information and did not bother to show any responsibility.

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