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Christine Pecoraro Cintron haunts tenants

The house at 5106 Twin Cedars dr in Monroe, NC 28110 is no doubt beautiful and expensive but the real terror is the owners. They will make sure you stay become hell and you start cribbing about the day, you entered in agreement with them. My parents took this house without knowing anything about these guys.

They signed the agreement and asked them for the processing fee. They lied about everything. The move-in specials, the term of their lease agreement and due dates, all of it were just to gain the access of the trust that they wanted to break into pieces later.

They took the amount for the entire house. However, after the payment was received, they restricted the use of office. This office they use for storage and this gives them the reason to keep visiting the property at their will. This is uncomfortable especially when your owners are pain in the ass. They are rude and will try to point out silliest reason to torture you. They make it tough for you to stay there.

They will periodically harass you by threatening about the police on unnecessary matters. They have a neighbour, who is disgusting and will keep poking his nose in everything. They have assigned him to report everything to them. Isn’t it horrible?

My parents are old and while they stayed in that house, they were not able to spend one day in peace. I was the one who suggested them to move out. I searched a house for them in the nearby locality and arranged their movement.

The reason the owners rent this house because it is too expensive to maintain and whenever they feel the lack of financial backup, they rent it. However, as soon as they start feeling that they can afford it, they kick the tenants out of the house breaking the lease agreement. And playing the card being rude and nosy is their favourite one.

This is what happened with my parents and in no time, they were kicked off. They gave a move out date and there still was a year left on the lease document. But, I along with my parents took the decision to leave.

When we called the truck, the neighbour informed them and they started pushing us to make it soon. I have no word to explain their behaviour. My parents were not able to pack everything from the house. The women, so called owner, extorted us for $90 as a fee for changing the due date which was a complete lie. It was their request and we never wanted this. Then they hauled my parents to the court knowing that they were old and not in a condition to face such thing.

I have never witnessed such cruelty and this was the limit. They made my parents stay beyond hell and never cared about it. They are the worst owner.

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    I stayed in this property for few months and left because of the torture from the owners. They are mean and wanted me to fix everything in the house. They asked me to pay for the things that I never used.

    The office was the problem. They had a consolidated electricity bill for the entire house and used their office the entire day. I was the one paying for the entire electricity bill.

    When I shifted, they did not refund my security deposit. These guys are goons and have no empathy for anyone.

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Monroe 28110 NC US
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