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It was the worst experience that I ever had with a land lord. Ch

It was the worst experience that I ever had with a land lord. Chris Tuttle  and Leslie Tuttle lied to me from start. They are pushy and would not care about your condition when it comes to fix their shit. I moved in the house and paid the security deposit. I signed the contract and everything that they asked for. There was no problem. But, after the first month ended, I started getting calls on 28th of every month, from Leslie to remind me of my rent payment. She would call me at odd hours and would continue call until I paid. I made the payment on every 3rd of the month. I asked her not to remind me, but she did not listen.

She used to pick up fights whenever I asked her about her weird behaviour. This is not it. Once, when I was late for my payment for a day, she harassed me to make the payment at the earliest. Later, I understood that she was using this money to pay her rent and that was the reason, she was acting weird. However, it was not sober of her.

Few months back, she broke our contract and asked me to leave in few days. She needed to give me a month’s notice, which she did not. When I called Chris to confirm it, he had the same thing to say. He told that his landlord was selling the house and he needed this place, where I was staying on an urgent basis. They lied to me. I found out that later.

They also told me that they would return the security amount after a month, once they will receive it from their land lord. There was no use of fighting with them and I did move. They did not shift and got other tenants. I called them to ask for my security deposit and they said that they would do it in few days.

I waited for an entire month, but did not hear from them about my money. I tried to contact them, but they did not take my calls. I mailed them, and they did not reply. I am going to take them to court. They have broken our contract and never returned my security deposit. I am not leaving this matter behind.

If you have been scammed my Leslie and Chris, please come forward to make them pay for their fraud. This couple has robbed me and left me on streets without a roof for 15 days. I had to pay for hotel room until I founded a new place to shift. I would not leave them.

The new tenants that shifted must have paid them the security deposit, still they did not return mine. I am not even considering the amount that I paid for the hotel, but I need my money back as per the contract. I will see them in court.


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