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Different name but similar scam

I would like to warn people about this real Estate company that already has few rip offs to its name. Actually the company has many names and may different agent as well, so I feel it is worthless to mention their name. I would rather like to mention their trap in which most of people fall. I would rather mention their trick through which innocent people lose their money with them for! They start with bringing up an exhibition, they choose a nice weekend and does lots of advertisements and make sure everyone in the neighborhood comes to know about their exhibition. That is exactly how they were able to successfully let me inside their trap.

They made their huge set of promises to me and everyone present in the exhibition. We all got so impressed by them that, even those people who were not willing to buy anything, decided to buy some or the other thing. I came to know later about the amount they earned in the exhibition itself was somewhere around 3 million USD. They targeted the main areas to hit us. They told us how the property that they were offering would be in a nearby neighborhood and not far away from the city. Though being a fake promise it sounded convincing at that moment. They said how they already had some existing properties with them in which already some tenants were staying. All one had to do is pay the money and have the property and tenants for free. This was the most lucrative promise I have come across so I showed my interest in the same. I told them I would like to buy one of those. Of course I did not completely go blind, I asked them to show me the property. They showed me some pictures which were not that bad that I did not got convinced.

I shifted, asked the tenants about the condition over there, saw the house for myself, I thought it wasn’t the same house as they showed me in the picture. It was such a filthy condition that the tenants were not willing to pay the rent anymore. This directly affected my plans which I made during this investment. When I contacted them regarding the same, their answer was straightforward and rude i.e. we do not have any more stakes in that property, we sold it to you, it’s you who should take care of it now. I knew some investors who were present with me in the same exhibition, when I contacted them, I came to know how they were paid for shutting their mouth about the issue. I realized I had be badly conned with many others, but what was in my hand is to raise my voice and ask for my rights. I don’t even seek for a replacement, all I want is to take this shit back with them and return my money with the rent that the tenants already owe to me. I want to also warn people about this, beware if they come to your city with same kind of tactics people!

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4 reviews

  1. interested and also a victim

    please contact me I want to know more.

  2. Scam artists

    They scammed my mother out of $25,000. She is still paying back the personal loan she took out in order to give them the money. Is anyone suing these scammers??

  3. Brutal liars

    Let me know if I can help get to these dishonest and crippling folks. [email protected]

  4. Scumbags

    We fell into their scam – we loaned money through Income Properties to a third party to purchase a property in Illinois. We just found out that they had the mortgage registered with the state in THEIR name only. Because they were listed as the lender, we lost the property to the state for non payment of taxes. Income property only sent one notice to us, and that was AFTER the property was taken. Too late. Scumbags is way too mild a term for these people.

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