BoldLeads does fake advertisement to sell their crap

I am a real estate agent and was planning to expand my business. I decided to contact this company, BoldLeads for getting great leads for my business which they claim to provide. I contacted and spoke with Paul and Lauren. These two people were the sales persons from the company and were in touch with me from start.

They promised that they would find sellers at their early stage and would revert back with a great list of such sellers. They even said that I would receive 1-2 listing per month, if I continued with the company. I paid them $200 which was a big amount. But, I was waiting for results.

In that month, the leads that they provided were all dead ends. Either they were looking for a free evaluation or never returned the call after our first interaction. Few even asked me bluntly not to call back. I was supposed to get leads which could have generated business for me. However, the leads that they provided were worthless.

After a month, they asked me to opt for another plan that would have costed me an extra of $250. I asked them to cancel the previous plan as well. However, they insisted to stay for a month to get the result.

I did not trust them and asked them to cancel it for good. After that, I did not get any calls from Paul or Lauren. Only, the billing department called me. They tried to charge my credit card every next month. I had to raise a dispute to get my money back, which I did.

After few months, my credit card was charged for $400 which happened just before I cancelled my credit card. Hence, I again filed a dispute. After this, I started getting calls from the billing team which started becoming abusive.

I tried to reach Paul. I wanted to make sure that the deal was closed. But, they did not respond. These guys used to call me numerous times a day before I signed up for their leads. Now, they were not even able to answer my voice mails.

Few days later, after sending a lot of mails and calling them many times, my case was sent to the collection department. Now, I started receiving abusive and insulting calls to pay them for the service that I never received.

Those people would call me at odd times and would threaten me to pay the money which I did not owed to them. I had to ignore their calls. I am still getting these blank calls and the billing team would bug me every now and then for my money.

BoldLeads is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I did not get the response that I was supposed to receive. Inspite of that fact, I never asked for a refund, just wanted to discontinue their service. But, they led me to this situation. Never let them get your credit card information, these guys are scammers.

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