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Black and Cherry scammed us for the deposit amount

We were staying in a house on rent. This house was rented through Black and Cherry real estate company.  We stayed there for almost a year and decided to move out because of job change. We were shifting to another city. Before moving out, we had a walk through of the entire house with the agents of Black and Cherry real estate company, Wasim Faranesh and the owner as well.

After looking at the condition, the owner appreciated the way we had kept the house and said that it would be only cleaning cost that would be deducted from the deposit. The agent said that the owner was happy with the way we had kept the place and would be very soon returning the deposit amount.

We received our deposit after 30 days. When we got it, it was short with $820. They had deducted that much amount when they had already checked the house from inside out without any red flag. They did not even send any itemized statement of the deduction that they made.

I sent an email asking for the proof of damages and the things that they changed which contributed to such a high cost. They sent me a hand-written quote which was no proof for the charges they took. Hence, I called the owner of the house. She said that she would ask Wasim to share the file with her and then she would check it by herself.

But, she did not call. Instead, I got a call from Wasim who tried to explain me the charges. He said that the largest part of the expenditure was made on stove top and sliding door screen replacement. These two costed for $450. Again, there was cleaning charges for $180 with toilet handle replacement.

Even if these things were done to the house, there is no proof that they incurred this cost. They did not share any bills from the contractors or the service people. This was leading to something else. I would never appreciate such a communication in any case.

A professional should manage things the way it should be done. I am very disappointed by the way I was handed my money back to me and they did not bother to explain the charges with proofs. They did not send any image of the changed stove or the screen or the damages that they claimed were made during our stay.

We never had any problem with the stove or the door. Otherwise, we would have done the needful and would have taken care of it. Being an honest tenant, we did everything to keep the house in the good condition. There is nothing that we ignored while we were staying there.

I believe that the company Black and Cherry real estate is unprofessional and does not take care of the rights of the tenant. I would never use their service going forward and would not recommend them to anyone. A business is run with transparency.

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  1. Steer clear of Black & Cherry Realty Rentals!!!!!!


    Black and Cherry Realty in Henderson can be accused of unethical practices. They practically kept all of my deposit for the apartment I was renting. I left it cleaner than how I had received it. I left the apartment in very good condition, but they found a way to steal my money. I’ll see them in small claims court! Wasim I discovered was not trust worthy in my opinion!

    10th & Stewart

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