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Extremely Stressful

Here’s the bottom line: Do not even think of wasting your time with or stressing out over this extremely unprofessional office.

With that said, here’s the story: I found what appeared to be a great apartment on Craigslist and was told to contact (insert agent’s name) at Ashford Realty.

I left a message on the voicemail of what sounded like a 22-year-old: “Hey, this is (agent’s name); leave me a message.” The agent called me back promptly and told me (on Thursday) that the owner was refusing to show this apartment until Saturday due to a prior obligation.

Fair enough. She said she would call me on Friday morning to confirm that 11am on Saturday was convenient for the owner.

When I hadn’t heard from her at 9pm on Friday, I sent her a text message asking to please confirm.

The following is a word-for-word transcript (spelling, grammar, usage and all) of the messages we then exchanged:

Agent: Hi sorry 4 late text. was it for july1 or sept.

Me: July 1.

Agent: Ok thanks. sorry 3 units r available and 2 r for september.someone put a check on the july until this evening and the owner is going to decide if she will take him by 10am.

If she picks him than the apt wont b available ne more but if she doesnt than it will. so unfortuntly i wont know till tomorrow. can i call u in the morning?

Me: That is fine. I was under the impression that she wouldn’t show the apartment until Saturday?

Agent: No1 did show it a man ffrom out of state is trying to rent it without seeing it. rare but does happen sometimes. i will call u in the morning. thanks.

Needless to say, I did not receive a phone call from Young Agent. Ever.

No offense to this young lady who genuinely might be very intelligent and is probably a terrific person, but I was under the impression that real estate agents needed at least a high school diploma.

Said piece of paper usually implies that in 2nd grade the student passed a spelling test and subsequently passed a grammar exam in 6th grade.

Maybe the primary education system has changed since I was in school…

With that said, I do not understand why I was lied to/mislead on three different occasions (see above) by this real estate agent.

I believe that the realty business is about building relationships and working with people. Had this agent remained true to her word and followed up with me, she could have kept my business (even if I had rented a different property).

I completely understand that the real estate business calls for its employees to essentially take the first offer; however, customer service/follow-up care/phone calls should be provided, as well.

A quick call or text saying, “the apartment you wanted to see has unfortunately been rented; if you let me know your criteria, I’d be happy to try to find you another place” would go miles.

Additionally (and I really don’t mean to sound like a snob/believe that I AM one), anyone representing a business should conduct themselves accordingly at all times–even over text message.

The mentality of “4 u” instead of “for you” and “ne way” instead of “any way” baffles me. It takes about three more seconds to use correct grammar, and the “typist” appears vastly more intelligent for having done so.

This agent is probably as smart (maybe even smarter) than most of the people I know, but with these texts, she’s chosen to be lazy in her business. Period.

Had this been a friend texting me or had everything else up to this point not gone wrong, I would probably not even mention this.

Add 1(she mislead me) plus 1(she’s not a friend, she’s a real estate agent) plus 1 (everything else up to this point HAD gone wrong) in this case, though, and you get this glowing review.

Looking for a new home can be extremely stressful, and it’s a shame that this particular agent only added to such a sentiment.

I am pissed. End of story. Based on Ashford Realty’s prior reviews, I would guess that I am neither the first nor last person with this type of experience.

I’ll be sure the pass the word on. Or should I say, “I m nthr the 1st or lst prsn to hv this exprnc. n wll ps da wrd n” ?

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