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Arizona Investment’s Brandon Cox is unprofessional and rude

I wanted to make some investments in real estate. I own a small business and was looking forward to extending the vertical into real estate as well. With little to no experience, I thought of collaborating with experienced firm who has done business in the real estate niche or someone who was completely involved with the niche.

I searched for few companies and called some. Of all the number I dialed, Brandon Cox from Arizona Investment Link was the rudest. Actually, no one else had the attitude that this guy possesses. He is arrogant and freaky. He will give you heart attack to be precise.

Be prepared to listen to his too hyped thoughts about himself and remember, he would not leave any opportunity to bring you down as if you know nothing.

In my case, I was a little fearful as this was the beginning of the business I had never worked for. So, I was cautious in selecting the partner who would be willing to pay attention and at the same time would be serious to work together.

When I called Brandon’s office, the guy who picked up the call, took all the questions that I had and said that he would convey the message to Brandon. I was waiting on the call. After returning to me, he informed that Brandon was too busy to deal with basic questions.

I told him that I will look for another agent then as I was very serious about the collaboration. After few minutes, I received a call from his office. This time, Brandon was on line. He asked what my questions were. I repeated those questions and he said that I was wasting his time when all those answers were on the website.

He also flaunted about himself and added that he was too busy to deal with things like that and it would be better if I leave a mail of the questions that are not available on the website. He said that he would look into the offer.

I did not even talk about the offer. How could I? He was so unprofessional and too proud. We all have seen success, but I have never seen someone so boastful about things that he has achieved. He was not interested in learning anything about me.

I am not looking for someone who likes to prove that his time is pricy, and others should make room accordingly. We all have schedules and timelines. You talked rudely to someone who came with some opportunity that was too good for a firm like yours, but you were too arrogant to even know what I had to offer.

Brandon is the managing partner at AIL. If he is of this attitude, what others would be like. I am never going to work with a company which does not have respect for others. I have many options, but if you keep buzzing people like this, you would be left with none.

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