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Shady Business Practices

Writing this from the position of a tenant whose apartment was being shown by this awful/unprofessional company.

Obviously it’s not anyone’s favorite situation, but every other realtor I’d dealt with had been mostly professional, and notified me either via call or text over 24 hours in advance.

I received a text from a random number one evening, simply said there was a client that wanted to see my apartment the following evening (less than 24 hours in advance) – no identification was provided.

I informed this person (Mark, I later found out) that I wanted to be there for the showing and needed to leave half an hour after the arrival time they suggested, and they responded asking what my address and unit # were (not sure how they didn’t have this info already considering they had texted me). I asked for their credentials and the person didn’t respond.

I later called Mark, and asked him to confirm that he showing would take place at the time he suggested. He said he couldn’t control it.

When I informed him that I wanted to be there for the showing/stated he did not have permission to enter if I wasn’t present, he responded ‘does your management company know that you are insisting on being present for showings?’, apparently in an attempt to waive my rights as a tenant.

He basically left the conversation at “I’ll see what I can do” and hung up. When I called the company to speak to a manager about his behavior, I was informed that every agent is essentially their own manager, so apparently this type of behavior goes unchecked internally.

The realtor (a different person than who I’d be in touch with) ended up coming in with next to no knowledge of the unit/asked me for information on the contract she was asking the potential tenant to sign.

Not really a big deal but another warning sign of this company’s apparent lack of organization.

Every other realtor I’ve dealt with over the past few weeks has been polite, professional and considerate.

My experience with this company was 100% the opposite. Please don’t support their shady business practices.

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