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American homes 4 rent is unethical and suspicious

Two years back, I rented a house from Mack. I took a lease for 3 years. Recently, the company filed bankruptcy and their business was sold. The company that got their business was American homes 4 rent.

According to my contract, I had a window of 10 days after the rent date crosses. However, after American homes 4 rent took the business in their hands, they changed my contract and many other clauses in the contract including the window allowed for rent payment.

They started sending unnecessary bill details and charged all kinds of bills that were never charged before. I wanted an explanation and tried to reach the company manager. They were harassing me by sending unexplanatory charges and there was no answer to why they were added to my account.

When I called the office, they left me on voice mail and never called me back. I kept calling only to land in the voice mail. I left messages. If sometime, the receptionist took the call, she would ask me to wait for a call back. That also never happened.

I am not sure if those charges were genuine. But I knew that I had all the right for an explanation. However, the company did not seem interested in answering me. I checked online for any direct contact. I found an email id and send them a request for a detailed copy of the charges and the new contract.

I also included an application to vacate the house and wanted the details to do so. However, they did not reply. Either they love their clients too much to let them go or they hate losing money that go away with their clients. The later seems a legit reason to me.

After my attempts, I was closed down from paying online. I was not able to get through their online payment option. I do not know how and why they did that. It can neither be a coincidence nor a glitch. They tricked me for making me pay more fees for late payment.

I want to expedite my payment and leave this place as soon as possible. I am not able to find a way and the management team won’t entertain my request. I am trapped with this company and am looking for options.

This is the most irritating thing to go through. This company has not only taken away my money but has made me suffer mentally. Please beware if you are looking for a place. This company can sell hell in the name of heaven. Research about them before entering into any kind of deal with them.

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2 reviews

  1. Scamming Company!

    Just dealt with them briefly but they tried to get cash from me when I went to check out a house for rent with this lock box feature they had; turned out I couldn’t access it because I didn’t sign up with them and give my credit card info so they could charge me .99( or maybe more who knows) I am not going to do that, thats very risky, & I cant believe they let people access homes w/o a realtor being present! First off, I didn’t notice their name until I scrolled down, & on some properties their name isn’t on there at all. I go to check out another house and its quite cheap( a little red flag) but the whole process has been weird and I find out it is legal what they’re doing; so I text with the owner ( has lock box) and tell them about this lock box experience, the 99 cent charge etc if its that deal I am not interested. He assures me its not and he has the lock box number and controls it, BS; of course when we arrive I see the sign Amercan Homes For Rent, cant access lock box ( not even a lock box its a key pad) & after putting in the seriel number same thing, a prompt comes on telling me I have to open an account w/ these people, furious with owner too for wasting my time; property was about 15 miles away too! I was then actually wondering if its the real owner because his price was $700 less than it was listed elsewhere and he went by Mr Graham . Another listing for a 3 bdrm house was a Mr Daniel; I think they’re all in on it or why would they take that risk,nthey scam money anyway they can and it makes me sick! They need to be put out of business; permanently!

  2. Absolute joke of a company.

    Truly a worthless and incompetent organization. ZERO help from their local office, their HQ, customer service line, etc. Have wasted three separate days over the last two weeks taking time off work to go view their properties and their laughably embarrassing lock-box viewing system is such complete and utter garbage it never works–at three separate addresses. Spent anywhere between 10-20 min each time attempting to sort out their problem on site and over the phone with multiple individuals, to no avail. They can’t give any answer as to why it’s not working and I was blatantly lied to when I was told by two of their employees that the box at one specific address would be fixed; needless to say I was invited to go back out a week later….and still the exact same problem. Unbelievable. This company is such a joke I wouldn’t do business with them if they gave me half a year for free. What a waste of time. Avoid this laughing stock at all costs.

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