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Working with Alpha Properties and specifically Yosi Levin was one of the worst decisions I could have made.

Upon first reaching out to Yosi, I inquired as to whether an emotional support animal, which is protected by the FHA and disability laws, would be allowed at the apartment he was advertising.

He said it would be “doable”, and we scheduled an appointment for me to view the unit. The apartment he took me to did not match the listing I had inquired about – it was a completely different apartment.

This worked out alright as it ended up being a nice apartment, but it was a deceitful practice nonetheless.

I asked about if my roommate and would need a guarantor (no), I inquired as to monthly rent (they said they’d make an ‘offer’), and once again confirmed my companion animal would be allowed (yes).

After a second viewing and a myriad of questions we decided to apply. I had reconfirmed all of the important factors with him beforehand.

He then sent me an email informing me that not only would we need first, last, and security, but we also would need a second month of security and a $1000 deposit for the dog (keep in mind charging fees for ESA dogs is illegal).

Furious at this new information, we managed to sort out our finances to allow for this extra burden and I went to his office to apply.

After HANDING HIM THE CHECK he looked at my tax forms and informed me that since my income the previous tax year did not show that I made 40x the rent, we would need a guarantor (even though my current income was over 60x the rent).

He never told us that our incomes to bypass the guarantor would need to be such for the entire 2017 tax year.

It is a broker’s moral and fiduciary responsibility to qualify an applicant for the unit the applicant intends to rent/buy, and it is not the job of the consumer.

In my panic, I managed to find a guarantor, who promptly submitted his information.

The next day I found I had a voicemail from Yosi informing me that after all, the application was rejected due to the fact that the management wouldn’t take a dog (THIS IS A BREACH OF THE FAIR HOUSING ACT, and DISCRIMINATORY CONDUCT).

I spent DAYS dealing with Alpha and Yosi’s nonsense only to have the application rejected because Yosi lied about the very first question I asked him.

The only good thing I’ll say is that Alpha promptly mailed me a check for my money back – but I’m sure this was only because I informed Yosi that I had already consulted with my attorney about all of the going-ons of our interaction and he didn’t want to deal with the legal hassle he knew I would soon bring.

I cannot state any more clearly how terrible this interaction was. I also contacted another more reputable broker I had spoken with, who looked up a couple of Alpha’s listings in a general database (2 new ones that had been posted that day) and the other broker informed me that they were both units that were ALREADY RENTED and were clearly being used to lure customers.

I strongly advise you steer clear of this company – any listings they have are ones that any broker can access – just go through a different broker rather than waste your time with this shady company.

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