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Alma intentionally rented us a condo with manipulated agreement

My husband and I are from the USA. We are in this country till 2018 and then we have to shift. When we contacted Alma Piedra from Puerto Vallarta Dream Rentals through Mexico Tourism, we told her about our duration of stay and she agreed on providing a place that can give us the roof for the desired duration. She was convincing and had a lot of people skill. Being from a different country, we did not have any problems dealing at first.

She made sure we get the updates frequently about the houses available and would send us images as well through mails. We picked few properties to check. She enquired about everything, as per her statement and we checked each on the list. We were very particular about the place as we were going to stay for almost 2 years.

So, it took some time for reaching on the final selection. She was there with us during all the visits. Being a foreigner to this country, we were not aware of the rental clauses and asked her to get that in place by all herself.

We made the initial advance payment and paid for the entire 2 years rent. She did manage to prepare the agreement and we paid her fees as well. In the agreement, the mentioned duration was of 1 year. We tried to clear that with her. She said that the agreement renews every year and she would herself, make sure that the agreement is renewed the next year.

We believed her and signed the agreement. We were there for a year and things were fine. The property was managed well and if there were some minor problems, we never bothered the owner or the broker company for fixing the issue. We did it at our cost and mailed the bills to her for her knowledge.

Before the year was about to end, she contacted us after a long time. She said that the agreement was for one year and the owner does not want to provide it for rent, but want to sell the property. She asked us to either leave or buy the place. It came as a shock to us. We were not prepared to leave and buying was not at all an option for us.

Emergency happens every time. Taking that into consideration, we asked about the plan B, if we wanted to vacate the place. We needed our advance rent returned that was in excess and the security deposit. After a long discussion, she returned the rent amount, but kept the security deposit on the name of wear and tear, when there were none.

She did not even offer free service for finding new house for us, as it was her mistake. But, we were just taken out of the property as if we were living there illegally.

We reported it to the Puerto Vallarta Dream Rentals, but they did not take any serious action and we were left without justice. Alma is a scammer and so is the company.

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  1. Official Response

    False Accusations

    Who ever wrote this must be someone with an overactive imagination and very sad existence to blatantly write these lies.

    First off, we a rental agency and do not offer rental agreements for more than 12 months. No one has ever paid or ever will pay two year upfront for rent. It is obvious who ever wrote this does not have a clue of how things work.

    Second, we do not sell real estate so having asked someone to buy something is totally inaccurate and further confirms this is false.

    Third, we do not charge tenants or ever have done so, as property owners cover our matchmaking fees. The statement about someone paying Alma for her service fees is a malicious fabrication of someone trying to damage our reputation.

    This leads us to believe that this review is was created by an unscrupulous competitor. Nonetheless we wish this person well and hope their economic or emotional situation improves and no longer see the need to lash out at others for their misfortunes.

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