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Alferal is the worst real estate company

I was interested in a house and was looking forward to buying it. However, I was not sure about the purchase. I finally got to meet the manager of a real estate company, Alferal Inmobiliaria. Her name was Bedeni Martin. I found the contact details of this company through internet search and I asked if she could have helped me with the procedure of purchase.

She was polite and told me that she knew that asset and the owners were very good friend of the hers. It was a coincidence that I found her. She tried to make the whole scenario fancy and I fall for it. She was convincing and most of all, she knew how to handle people.

She told me that she would be talking to the owners and would call me another day which she did. She called me in the morning to inform that the house was still available, and I can check the house. I got excited and she sensed it. She told me that I will have to make a payment for reservation with 3000 Euros. I got confused. I told her that I had not decided yet about owning a property and would lose that money if I changed my mind.

She assured that the reservation amount was refundable. So, if in any case, I withdrew my interest, the entire amount would be refunded. That sounded a good deal to me. So, I made the payment. I insisted about talking to the owners in person and she said that she would arrange the meeting in a day or two.

After that, I was not able to contact her as I flew to another city for visiting a family during holidays. I decided that I would meet the owners after reaching back. I stayed there for a week. There was a property that was equally beautiful and was available at a cheaper rate. So, I booked that asset and stayed there for a week.

When I returned back, I contacted Bedeni. I told her that I was no more interested in meeting the owners or buying that property as I had different plans. To this, she said that she would inform the owners and cancelled the call. I felt something fishy. She did not mention any thing about the refund of the reservation amount.

I called her the next day and she did not answer. I called her numerous times. Then, I decided to call the directly and luckily found their number. They informed that there was no reservation fee and nothing of that sort was implied to anyone. They had never spoken to anyone named Bedeni.

Only after they told me that, I realized that I was cheated. I kept calling Bedeni, but she never responded. She did not refund the money as well. I emailed her about it and never received a reply, she shut me off. I would keep tracking her until I get my money.

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  1. They stole my reservation money

    They cheated me also 3000Euros in a reservation for a house I finally decided not to buy. They cheated and do not return the money even they claimed they will do with no problem. They are a scam. Since the money quantity is not high, it is not worthy to sue them. So I only hope my review help others to avoid them. Again Bedeni Martin was involved.

    Me estafaron 3000 Euros en una reserva de una casa que finalmente no compre. Me engañaron porque dijeron que la devolerian sin problemas. Son unos timadores. Como el dinero es bajo no compensa denunciarles, solo me queda publicarlo para evitar que engañen a mas gente. Bedeni Martin fue la responsable.

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