AgentZip scammed me

I called the agent zip and spoke with a representative for no less than 20 minutes who guaranteed me 35 to 45 leads a month for only 299. I then asked him if I do not receive at least 35 leads within the first month, for a prorated refund at the end of that month for the leads I have not received.

He agreed, and sent me a confirmed email outlining what we just spoke about. 15 days have passed, no leads, so I called the agent zip and spoke to numerous individuals who are incredibly rude and definitely should not be working there.

I told them that I haven’t received any leads so far, and I just want to refund. They told me that they are not allowed to do any type of refund, and definitely will not give my money back even with the email proof. Are you kidding me!? What a scam of a company, do not use ever !!!!!!! Leads are a joke, and scammer company looking to de-fraud Realtors!!!!

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17 reviews

  1. AgentZip sucks

    I signed up for two AgentZip accounts with a large advertising budget. My average cost per lead was over $40 and did not include valid phone numbers or emails.

    99% of the leads had fake information. 17% of the leads were other realtors! And 4 of the leads were so angry that we were contacting them, that they threatened us and our business.

    I am successfully using 3 other lead generation platforms (including Boomtown and Offers), and converting over 6% into clients so I know it is not me or my team that is the problem.

    Total waste of over $2500 and an even bigger waste of time. When I tried to cancel, I suddenly was unable to reach anyone. What a disaster! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  2. Great leads

    Great leads. The guy above is full of it. The leads come direct from facebook. like 90-95% are accurate info. Make sure youcall the leads right away and put them on drip campaigns. Website with IDX is a must too

  3. Great addition to my current lead sources. We’re also using Offrs, PSL and Ylopo. Agents just need to have the proper expectations and level of accountability. Lead generation companies like these are not designed for immediate conversion, and if that’s what you’re looking for, you better be prepared to pay the price for Zillow and Realtor. These are long term sources. Also, online lead gen is never a guarantee. Disinterest and phony info is expected in this business. A word to the wise, these are not “satisfaction guaranteed” services. Every investment has a level of risk, so take accountability and do your research before hand. Stop being amateurs.

  4. Seller Leads

    I get their seller leads and these are by far the best I have seen. I got listing appointments from 10. Definitely not a scam, you can email me if you want more details

  5. Best leads I've seen

    Agentzip offers what they say they offer, Exclusive lead generation. Realtors that are unhappy with the service, are most likely lazy or not skilled enough to work leads. The leads require work, followup, timeliness, you must have systems in place to handle them. This is for top performers, not new and sub-par agents. It’s a simple service and the best for the price by FAR. Check them out and see for yourself!

  6. I got closings

    My team and I have been using AgentZip for over a year now. We have closed 8 transactions 2 of which were a dual and I expect to close roughly 3 more in the next 2 months. It’s all about having good systems, follow up and working the leads over and over. These are not referrals, they are raw leads. So expect some people to be more serious than others and make sure you phone skills are tip-top notch. Overall I give them 4.5/5

  7. We have plenty of pipeline and 12 deals closed in that las 5 months.

    My company buy their exclusive lender leads and they are by far the best lead gen for lender leads especially with the amount of information we get in every lead. They practically hand us 1003 loan application. I don’t what the people above are talking about. Ive bought from, Zillow, paid ads, the lead quality is not close to what I get to from, especially for the Average cpl.

  8. 10-20x ROI

    agentzip has been providing me leads for oever 2 years and I can say they have been wonderful. I close 2-3 homes per month now through them and I invest roughly $2k per month to get a 10-20x ROI

  9. From 10 to 85 subscription sign a month with AgentZip

    AgentZip was suggested by my sister and her husband in San Marcos, California in the first quarter of 2018. The initial couple of weeks were slow, but acquired more than 50 leads and subscriptions on my website! I could also utilize the messaging tool to set my first appointment. So far I have listed many homes. Cherish it! The return on investment is vastly superior to other avenues. I will extend my reach and sign up for more areas in California to proceed to grow, and potentially hire an assistant to help.

  10. Terrible

    Old leads, or no leads has been my experience. Terrible customer service. My sales rep has never returned a call from day one after I signed up. Stay far far away from Agent Zip!

  11. Agentzip leads are horrible and they RIP you off.

    Agentzip lied to me about how many leads I would get for $800. They promised 50-60 leads a month, instead I got 25 and only 2% were reachable. Not only did they over promise and under deliver but I gave them a 30 day notice and they still charged me $800 for the next month. And for the cherry on top they have blocked me via text to my sales person. Agents beware. Agentzip are a bunch of crooks.

  12. Agentzip is a Scam!

    This is is nothing more than a scam. My wife and I tried out their services and they lied up and down about the amount of leads and hid the fact that they are not scrubbed but RAW leads. We spoke directly with John Decker, and he was rude, unprofessional, and lied and back-peddled on everything he promised us. Our money was wasted. Stay clear of this scam lead service.

  13. John Decker is a LIAR

    My wife signed up for these guys. There are some bad lead companies but these guys are the bottom of the barrel. Not only did John Decker Mislead is they they will give you scrubbed leads, but also mislead us to to believe they would give us up to 60 leads a month for 800.00. When it came down to it their fine print documents said they “guarantee” 20 only, for 800.00. And then to top it off they kept charging us after we asked to stop the program. Once my wife left a bad review John has been texting and demanding the review be removed. This is why they have a review system to inform the public of scam artists. There are terrible reviews all over the Internet. DO NOT use this scam lead service they will take you money and give you nothing. We got on average 40 “leads” a month for two months and most did not have any working information we could use. John is a LIAR!!!!

  14. Spend money elsewhere!!

    Spend your money elsewhere. I agreed to pay a hefty monthly fee for leads. I said I needed it live in 6 weeks. It took 11 weeks (and never happened), my account was never set up and then the account manager started insulting my lender. So, I decided to sign up for the leads as you go program. I paid, it has been 3 weeks and I have yet to receive a qualified lead. I did get leads in another state (not remotely close to the zip code I paid for). I sent emails, voice mails and service requests to correct the leads to a State that I am actually licensed in. They gave me every excuse in the book. Then, they started threatening me that I would no longer get any leads and would be rated low if I did not accept the leads that were sent to me (in another State). Now, I receive no leads at all. I have never to date received a lead, but they processed my payment. I requested my money back…crickets. I was told that I should realize they are busy. Stay away from this company. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. Other people that receive the same experience should do the same to worn potential victims.

  15. Overpromise/Underdeliver

    I was told that by paying $500 I would be receiving 6 or more leads/month. I was also told that the $500 initial payment would be rebated to me after converting/closing the first lead. Approaching one year now and I received 4 (FOUR) total trash leads. Y’all save your money…and remember…if it sounds to good to be true, it is!

  16. RUN!!!!

    This is the biggest rip off. they want your credit card and they put you on a plan and charge you before your date, and never sent any leads in the zip code or that were quality. RUN from AGENT ZIP. Scammers

  17. SCAM

    These representatives are liars and will take your money……..

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