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Asmes by Sankowski’s is unprofessional

Since I ran into Asmes Estates Sales, I have been revolving all over in a circle which I wish to end. Two agents from the company whom I may refer to as The Sankowski’s assisted me. I contact the company and we had a deal regarding how to setup everything for the sales, how to advertise and the payment. I was pretty satisfied with the contract, hitherto I signed it. They sent the Sankowski’s i.e. Jackie and Wally to setup things, advertise and prepare items that were to be showcased in the sales. To be honest, I liked their work in the initial phase, which gave me a confidence that everything’s going to go well.

The sale took place on 12 and 13th of November, 2016 and the actual revolving started. The sale took place at my place, Orland Park IL. I also had a talk with Jackie about what was left in the house as well as in the garage and to her advice I got some contacts who I should speak to regarding the same. Now comes the main part i.e. According to the contract

n  All sales receipt should be emailed to Randy Sielig.

n  All payment that was due, should also be told to Randy.

n  The house keys are supposed to be handed over to Randy.

We waited for a week, two, three, and now it’s probably past the sixth consecutive week that we are waiting for the house keys to return to us. As of 24th of December, the keys are not handed over in the manner they should have been. I would now like to mention about the delay they make in replying. This will give a sense of unprofessionalism that the Sankowski’s as well as Asmes Estates possess. I email her on the 25th of November asking something, she replies on the 30th, telling me that she would comeback with the answer of my question pretty soon.

I emailed her on 2nd of December asking if the work was done in the manner it was supposed to! She says no it wasn’t. Again on 3rd December she replies me that she will do the work pretty soon. To which the only thing comes to my mind is whether she had actually done that work or was she making a fool out of me! Comes the 24th of December with some more of questions and some more of delays with the promises to get back pretty soon, nothing has been done yet. I am yet to receive the house keys, the payment receipts and the payments information that was due. Sankowski’s has 3 more Estates sales namely: Channahon, Elgin and Elmhurst. They have even left some of their own stuffs which they brought for selling but they weren’t able to! I still have no clue about what to do with them. I would like to warn people about the unprofessional behavior that these guys came up with and like to request people not to fall for them as I did!

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