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A tornado produced strong winds which resulted in destruction of our mobile home. We contacted 21st mortgage, which was the company that held our insurance. It was a huge blow for us and we expected to overcome the losses immediately! 21st mortgage had a pretty impressive set of rules as per the contract that we had signed, so we expected the same amount of deliverable service from them. Our expectations were completely started when their service was completely antithesis to their contract. I’d want to mention few points from the contract that they ask every client subscribing to their service, sign!

One: If the payment is less than 7000USD, company should pay all the amount at once. Company cannot use the installment system to pay any amount under $7000. Our amount fell somewhere below 7000 bucks. We were still paid by the installment system, which was worst. We felt as if we had asked for $7000K and not $7000. Two: For proceeding any check which is demanded by the client, the company should either pay the check or respond to the client, the reason why his check cannot be proceeded. For this particular rule, I would like to mention some facts that I have noted down with dates.

n  4/26/16 – The storm hit upon our home.

n  4/29/16 – We made our claim to 21st mortgage.

n  5/16/16 – We received our first check payment of $6,394. On the same date we complaint 21st about the contradicting character of their firm.

n  5/25/16 – Received the remaining payment.

n  6/9/16 – We sent the checks to 21st and sign their receipts.

We hide nothing from 21st, a representative named Justin did an onsite check when the damage occurred. We made sure, everything was shown to them and then only the claim was made. He suggested us to go in a specific manner, in which we went. 21st mortgage was purposely making delays in the check payments, due to reasons which are yet best known to them. When we asked them about the reasons, for which the delay use to happen, they lacked a suitable explanation. Everything was truly unprofessional. It seemed as if we had signed a novice company for our insurance. They also allege to take care about A to Z after the claim passes and the damage has to be completely recovered. But they were unsuccessful in doing so. The Security at our place was not completely restored.

One more example of their unprofessionalism is the fact of not answering our emails on time. There was also an instance when the assistant manager at 21st emailed me, saying they weren’t able to disburse the payment in the month of May as per their promise. Due to all such irregularities, I feel it is too much to believe everything as coincidences. I see a hideous motive of 21st behind all these irregularities and I would like to stand for it, legally. The facts and figures that I have would help me sue 21st and I have made up my mind to file a lawsuit against 21st. As a citizen I would also warn others against 21st, BEWARE guys.

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  1. 21st mortgage corp review

    I claimed for the insurance amount after the fire hit my place. They did inspection and said that they would process the claims at the earliest. But, I feel for them the earliest is too late to be justified.

    I waited for months for the approval. Our back of the house was completely ruined and some part of the bedroom that was at the back of the house.

    They assured that we can start the renovation and the money would be in our hands in few days. However, we did everything from our expense and they did nothing but made us call and email them every other day which was left without a reply.

    We did get some part of our claim but that was also very late. This is a fraud company and all the promises are just lies.

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