Either, we can close our eyes and stay ignorant thinking there is nothing wrong or we can point out the injustice done and fight for the rights. We do not want to sound judgemental. However, if you chose to be the one who does not care, beware. You will soon realize that closing eyes doesn’t make everything right.


1. Report Scam

If you know about any real estate scam done to you or anyone else, report it. Click on report scam and fill the details. You do not need to register for doing so. You can anonymously post your story.


2. Your Report Get Viral

Once you post the scam, the post will become searchable. If anyone searches for the company or person that you have posted about, they will be notified about their scam. So, help spread the word


3. Save Money – Saves Others

A negative feedback is a turn off. So, people will avoid the company involved in scam. This way you will help many others from getting into the similar traps. Being a responsible citizen it is our duty to alert others.



Ready to reach all of the people who matter most to you?

Report a Scam