Did you ever feel the need for buying or selling your house? If not, you must have contacted the real estate agent for a house on rent. Almost every person, once in a while has to get in touch with these real estate advocates who claim to be the finest in their domain. However, what would be the consequences if they are not?

We at Realtor Scam helps you find the honest reviews and feedback about the real estate agents and companies. It is very much obvious to feel skeptical when you trust someone with your property or money. And these agents, if not contacted wisely can get you in a lot of trouble. We provide the stage where you can come together and speak about the ugly truth which needs a full stop.

The business that has always been in demand has its own turns. The turns that you need to cross safely. If taken too fast, can lead to accidents. Many people worldwide are either crying for the property that they lost in the hands of a phony agent or are worried about the money that they lost while trying to get a flat on rent.

These all can be given a halt. The service is for you and it becomes your responsibility to let everyone know about the nonsense that few goons are creating in the name of real estate agents. We will help you channelize your rage for a better good. This platform can be your tool to stop these frauds from looting others.

Realtor Scam is motivated towards creating a safe society which is only possible through your support and an eagerness to bring the change.

Many would think that finding is as simple as ordering a cup of coffee. All they need to do is finding the agent and let him do the job for you. However, if you need the taste to seem authentic, you need to make sure you have selected the right outlet. Similarly, while looking out for agent, you need to be cautious.

Realtor Scam makes you aware of all these fake agents and let you know the right choice for your important decision pertaining the property. It is better to be safe than sorry.

What you can do here?

The website is simple and easy to understand. You can search for the company or the individual agent you are dealing with, or planning to deal with. If, you find any fraud listed against him, take the back seat.

We also invite you to talk about your experiences and the situations against these fake real estate agent. Your contribution can help a lot others from suffering the same pain. Report your scam and warn others. If not you, then be the guide for others to find justice.

Why you need Realtor Scam?

You must be thinking, why do we need a specific website which talks about real estate scams, when we can look for the feedback in various other property listing website? We understand your confusion. However, we would like to clear the concept here.

The property listing websites focus on the property details and the options available. Their main motive is to connect you with people who can help you with your buying or selling needs. However, it is impossible to know who are authentic and who are not.

We fill that gap and avoid you from falling prey into the trap of scammers. We give you the idea of the person whom you will be trusting with all your savings. We are the pillar to make your tomorrow safe and secure.

Mostly, when an agent fake his/her identity, he/she makes sure that they target the properties not listed online. The properties that have very less or no information disclosed. This helps them to get away with your money easily.

Realtor Scam warn you about these agents who are not involved with online presence as well. No property listing website would do that for you.

Why should you join?

It would be difficult to make you understand the importance of Realtor Scam by talking about what we do, unless we let you know what you can get here. What benefits you will have after joining our forum or being our member?

Realtor scam is for people and runs because of people. Without your contribution, we do not stand any chance.

By joining realtor scam, you would be in a place to take the right and safest decision about your property and a property you want for rent. You can keep yourself away from the glitches in the dress of so called real estate agents.

If you have already gone through a hitch and feel helpless while trying to get justice, you can join hands with others and can find a way to snatch it from your culprit. As we say, nothing is impossible if we try until we achieve it. So, here is the platform which gives you the freedom of unlimited trials.

Even if you are not looking out for consulting a real estate agent, still joining Realtor Scam will benefit you a lot. Many among the family members or friend groups are in need of these agents. You can let your close ones know what is best for them and who can they avoid. After all, our happiness relates to our people.

Realtor Scam and you       

As stated earlier, we are because of you. Our authenticity lies in the hands of our users. But, we know that wrong information and can lead to incorrect publicity and we criticize that. We will be working towards checking the authenticity of most of the reports and at the same time agree that it is possible to miss few. However, incase of finding any intentional allegation, we will be taking serious steps.

So, all the users can be assured of our involvement while refining the information on the website. Incase, you find anything that is not suitable, do not miss to inform us about the same.

We look forward to your participation in making Realtor Scam a threat to defaulters.